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We registered kumahonkenkuukarikatsuyo manager!

  We registered profit of empty house as "kumahonkenkuukarikatsuyo manager" toward the authorized architect having exclusive knowledge about inflecting!


What is kumahonkenkuukarikatsuyo manager?

      • We take constant class in authorized architects in Kumamoto and register empty house which profit has exclusive knowledge about inflecting as "Manager kumahonkenkuukarikatsuyo".
      • As all the registrants are authorized architect having qualification, "there is empty house, but what kind of use can effectively utilize by?" * minokotogaaba, please talk about profit of "we want you to suggest concrete utilization method!" empty house with kumahonkenkuukarikatsuyo manager about inflecting!
      • ※Please note that by talking with kumahonkenkuukarikatsuyo manager, all problems about empty house are not solved.


    Registrant information



About registration

[registration requirements]

 ・Being person who lives in the prefecture or works.

 ・Being person who completes the existing house situation investigation engineer class and studied all lectures of kumahonkenkuukarikatsuyo manager upbringing class.

 ・Being person who does not correspond to a certain disqualification requirement described in application.


[registration style]

 ・When we perform application for registration

  ※Please attach copying of documents that it is revealed that we completed existing house situation investigation engineer class that training agency which the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport registered with application carries out.


 ・When, after the registration, mention contents of application had change


 ・When we want to cancel registration



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