Community-based welfare information magazine "my we wait town development in the vaunted welfare"

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Relationship gawazukuri (local base) of 1 area

The making of hair dressing of 2 areas (area assist)

  (1) Inhabitants watch and are spread activities
  (2) The spread of subregion network activities
  (3) The spread of slight life support
  (4) The spread of community currencies

Power revitalization of 3 areas (local power-up)

  (1) The spread of welfare community business
  (2) We support child care in area
  (3) Support of house
  (4) Going out support services

Upbringing of leading figure supporting 4 community-based welfare

  (1) The welfare education
  (2) Volunteer upbringing
  (3) Interchange between generations
  (4) Upbringing of healthy children

The making of structure of 5 utilization promotion

  (1) Inhabitants consultation counter
  (2) Reporting

Health promotion utilizing 6 area resources

7 materials

  List of 1 administration support (2003)
  List of 2 private enterprise furtherance (2004)
  List of 3 examples

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