Guidance of Yatsushiro Child Consultation Center

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Department of Health and Social Services Yatsushiro Child Consultation Center 
TEL: 0965-32-4426, 33-3247 
FAX: 0965-31-0362 
Email yatsushirojisou@pref.kumamoto.lg.jp

Guidance of Yatsushiro Child Consultation Center

 ・About children under 18, we accept various consultation.

 ・We accept consultation from anyone free.

 ・Receptionist is from 8:30 a.m. of Monday through Friday to 5:15 p.m.

 ・At first, as a general rule, we would appreciate your making a reservation for telephones beforehand as member of district charge accepts.


When we have trouble with nurture of child

 ・Parent gets sick, and disappearance from home get a divorce, and child is not brought up.

 ・We are going to give birth, but there is not person taking care of child.

 ・For domestic circumstances and work, child is never brought up.

 ・We awfully beat child.

 ・Child is abused.


When we have trouble with problem of character and action of child

 ・Selfishness cannot awfully play with friend.

 ・We are not going to go out without being able to go to school and nursery school.

 ・We talk in house, but do not talk outside. There are bed-wetting and tick.

 ・It is restless, and one does not last long.

 ・We came to do aims in shoplifting and car.

 ・Clothes became showy and came to play around by night.

 ・We were quiet, but came to show domestic violence outside.

 ・We think that we are behind with words and the development in comparison with other children.

 ・I would like entrance to child with a disability facility.



 ・We leave child who is not blessed with families and want to bring up.



Summary of Yatsushiro Child Consultation Center

Duties summary

 ・About various problems of child, we receive consultation and notice from family and others. In addition, we introduce related organizations as needed.

 ・By the contents, we perform necessary investigation and medical psychology-like diagnosis about child and home, school situation when we receive consultation,

  We give an advice based on general diagnosis result from more specialized point of view and instruct.

 ・Protection of child when it is necessary to observe action, perform temporary protection.

 ・We let child enter child welfare institution as needed or consign to foster parents and plan healthy upbringing of child.


Member of fixed-job worker


 Juvenile welfare commissioner We investigate mental and physical development situation, growth career, home environment, school situation of child depending on consultation about child and teach advice for child or protector
 Child feeling Masaji We make psychological diagnosis about the mind development situation or family situation of child and, by need, give counseling for child or protector.
 Doctor (part-time service) About the mind development situation of child, we make medical diagnosis and, by need, perform advice instruction for child or protector.


Setting of Child Consultation Center

 ・Kumamoto sets up Yatsushiro Child Consultation Center by regulations of the Child Welfare Law.


The location of Child Consultation Center

(address, contact information)

 1660, Nishikatamachi, Yatsushiro-shi, Kumamoto
 Telephone 0965-32-4426 (direct), 0965-33-3247 (direct)
 FAX 0965-31-0362



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Department of Health and Social Services Yatsushiro Child Consultation Center
Telephone: 0965-32-4426, 33-3247
Fax: 0965-31-0362
Email yatsushirojisou@pref.kumamoto.lg.jp
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