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 We sense cultivation information using cyclamen and demonstrate and, in Prefectural Agricultural College farm output gardening subject flower course, examine in cooperation with high school of four prefecture about agriculture. Also, we share cultivation information such as illumination and pH, EC, image, and as the data accumulate, temperature and humidity in cyclamen cultivation, visualization of cultivation process and improvement of quality aim at the technical succession, and eventually.


 Instructor at agricultural college and members of fixed-job worker of high school about agriculture gathered in agricultural college and, on Friday, March 13, looked back while confirming state of implementation and cultivation situation this year with data and image and discussed directionality of future activity.


Swing return marks by member of fixed-job worker this yearWe confirm the cultivation situation of each school with imageWe confirmed cultivation process of each school and compared the final quality.
We investigated refinement that became clear by activity this year.We confirmed the cultivation situation of each school and the quality while looking at image.We confirmed cultivation career of four schools located north, south, east and west in the prefecture and compared cropping system that was different in local climate with summary, data which we sensed.





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