About suggestion to world's cultural heritage domestic provisional table of "Aso caldera"

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About suggestion to world's cultural heritage domestic provisional table of "Aso caldera"

 On March 26, 2020, we suggested Kumamoto and seven Aso-gun City (Aso-shi, Minamioguni-machi, Oguni-machi, Ubuyama-mura, Takamori-machi, Minamiaso-mura, Nishihara-mura) as candidate who should add "cultural scenery - which used Aso caldera - huge caldera volcano to the maximum" to world's cultural heritage country tentativeness table jointly for Agency for Cultural Affairs. It becomes submission for the first time in about 12 years since we suggested proposal on September 27, 2007.


 By the choice result announced on September 26, 2008, we were placed as "thing (category (1)a) which you should send preparations to based on the basic subject of proposal", and problems such as enhancement of protection of constitution assets were shown.
 Afterwards, we pushed forward establishments of the choice of scenery of important sentence based on the Law for the Protection of Cultural Properties and urban environment law in seven Aso-gun City to cope with problem shown by Agency for Cultural Affairs in Kumamoto and seven Aso-gun City. Proposal which we submitted this time gathered result of academic examination about value or protection measures as world heritage for two years from 2018.

 "Aso caldera" is formed by result of active volcanic activity for about 270,000 years and is still rare area that living of 60,000 people is run inside and outside the very large caldera. Unique, magnificent cultural scenery which accomplished evolution spreads by assuming one of the world's largest caldera volcanoes where and shape is clear base, and having promoted use of land called "the grassland forest communities fields" tied to rice growing and live stock farming deeply to the maximum.
 It may be said that it is irreplaceable inheritance that living, the working of people and faith, sacred rites, custom indicating the relationship between volcano are succeeded to here and leave sturdiness of people who lived together facing severe natural environments and memory of wisdom at the present.

 Content of proposal is as follows.


* Proposal "cultural scenery - that we used Aso caldera - huge caldera volcano to the maximum" pertaining to world heritage tentativeness table addition assets


Reference information

 * Proposal "symbiosis with Aso - volcano and cultural scenery" which we submitted to on September 27, 2007


* It is announcement (Agency for Cultural Affairs: on September 26, 2008) https://www.pref.kumamoto.jp/kiji_31971.html by result of the assets choice that you should list in domestic provisional table of world heritage more


○State (March 26, 2020) when we submitted proposal to Agency for Cultural Affairs

  Submission scenery 2       Submission scenery 1

 From the right                            State to explain contents of proposal

 Yoshioki Sato Mayor Aso (Aso-gun City world's cultural heritage registration business promotion meeting chairperson)

 Tsukasa Nakaoka Agency for Cultural Affairs's deputy manager

 Grass village completion Mayor Takamori (Aso assembly of cities, towns, and villages's chairperson)

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