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 Nature which is full of color

Kumamoto of the Kyushu district is located in the center, and there is almost from soul by air from Tokyo to 1 hour 25 minutes (631 kilometers) for 1 hour 35 minutes (1,072 kilometers). Area is the national 15th place at about 7,405 square kilometers. This is about 7 times of Hong Kong, about half area of Northern Ireland (the U.K.). About 60% of prefectural soil is occupied in the forest. The northern part is surrounded by the mountains of 1,000 meters above sea level grade about the south from relatively gentle mountainous district, east and there is deep valley and shows the everywhere the wonderful valley beauty. The western part faces Ariake Sea, Yatsushiro Sea and leads to the East China Sea of the open sea. We have "Unzen-Amakusa National Park" consisting of 120 large and small islands and two national parks, and, "Aso kuju national park" including magnificent Aso having caldera proud of to the world, it is in the topography which was rich for beautiful scenery which there is the sea which there is mountain in in.

 Difference of big hot and cold

Generally climate is warm, and coast of Amakusa becomes the most northern limit of coral reef. Around Kumamoto-shi shows inland climate, and the feature is that difference of hot and cold is big. Minimum temperature of cold winter may often show below the freezing point whereas it is not rare on day becoming 35 degrees or more at the midsummer either, and high temperature continues until the middle of the night. In addition, we often have concentrated rain from southwestern air current of high temperature and humidity and influence of the topography very much in late rainy season.

  Aging of population to advance

Population is about 1.84 million as of 2005 (Heisei 17). Aging rate (ratio among total population of 65 years or older population) greatly exceeds 23.7% and national 20.1%, and aging advances early from the whole country for approximately seven years.

※Than 2005 national census result. (national census is 22 years on the next time)

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