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Shimizugaoka Gakuen(Juvenile Delinquent Rehabilitation Institute)

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Department of Health and Social Services Shimizugaoka Gakuen(Juvenile Delinquent Rehabilitation Institute) 
TEL: 096-344-7600 
FAX: 096-344-7615 
Email [email protected]


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With Shimizugaoka Gakuen(Juvenile Delinquent Rehabilitation Institute)

 We let child who makes misbehavior or might do and child needing living guidance due to the home environment or other environment tops enter or commune from under protector and perform necessary instruction depending on the situation of individual children and are facility for the purpose of what support the independence. (Child Welfare Law Article 44)
 In addition, school in facility was installed to perform learning support of school-aged children who must let you receive compulsory education from 2012 and junior-high-school-aged children.

About support contents of school

 In three places of life support, learning support, work support, observation, record evaluate the situation of each person's life action and accomplishment, progress of instruction.
 Individual by problems and problem of each child; grasp progressively, and do premeditated support depending on each.

Life support

  1. Basic lifestyle

  2. Social behavior pattern

  3. Personal relationships ability in group

   The staff shares regular behavior to develop this and wears in homey atmosphere.


Learning support

  1. Improvement of basic scholastic ability

  2. Serious consideration of individual guidance

  3. Improvement of course consultation

   We plan this and we remove resistance to learning and draw interest interest and let course have the prospects.
    In addition, from 2012, we work on learning support mainly on school education after school and cooperation in facility.



Work support

  1. Improvement of the will to work

  2. Joy of crop

  3. Pleasure of collaboration

   We let you experience this and cultivate a sense of responsibility and tolerance and bring up joy and confidence to contribute to group.



Extracurricular activities

 Other than life support, learning support, work support, we perform the following extracurricular activities through the year.



・Baseball meet

・Badminton meet

Education camping


Mountain climbing
School festival
Mountain climbingSchool festival



Daily work of school

Time Weekdays daily work
7:00Getting up, washing face, meeting, cleaning in dormitory
8:30Morning meeting, self-study
15:30seigaku time (club activities), dormitory activity
17:00Cleaning in dormitory
18:30Bathing, diary, self-study
19:30Free time
21:00Meeting, lights out, going to bed

 *It varies according to days a little.


Annual event


Excursion, the opening ceremony (the first semester)

May School excursion
June Harvest of plums, the making of pickled plum
July The Kyushu Little League meet, sea bathing
August Education camping, temporary homecoming
September The opening ceremony (the second semester) 
October Kyushu badminton meet, mountain climbing
November School festival
December Meeting with rice cake, Christmas society, kyohokai, temporary homecoming
January dondoya, the opening ceremony (the third semester)
February Expression in celebration of graduation



From admission to taien

Flow images from admission to taien

Place of school



・ It is drop off walk 15 minutes to getting off at JR Kagoshima Main Line Kami-Kumamoto Station, Kumamoto Railway Corporation train at transfer Uchigoshi Station or Kita-Kumamoto Station

・ It is getting on at Kumamoto electric railway bus, getting off at Kita-Kumamoto station square, 15-minute walk from we transfer for bus for getting off at JR Kagoshima Main Line Kumamoto Station, traffic center traffic center

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Department of Health and Social Services Shimizugaoka Gakuen(Juvenile Delinquent Rehabilitation Institute)
Telephone: 096-344-7600
Fax: 096-344-7615
Email [email protected]
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