About revision of 2020 (Raiwa 2) management matter examination

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Summary of revision

 In the construction career up system, we are given rating of three points and two points in technology (Z) tech job numbers (Z1) about thing and person of done construction skill (we say "person of level 3 skill" as follows.) next to person of construction skill (we say "person of level 4 skill" as follows.) said to that evaluation of skill and experience is high-end or person of level 4 skill each. (the April 1, 2020 (Raiwa 2) enforcement)



Methods of application

 On licensed division cord of "technical personnel list" of management matter examination application (attached sheet two), person of level 4 skill, please list "704" in person of level 3 skill with "703". As document proving that we have qualification, I see "ability evaluation (level judgment) result office action".

 In addition, about type of construction industry corresponding to authorized ability evaluation standard and each standard concerned, it is as follows.



About reexamination accompanied with revision

 As person that reexamination is hoped for can state reexamination by this revision pursuant to the provision of Construction Industry Act enforcement regulations Article 20 Paragraph 2 until July 29, 2020 (Raiwa 2), that reexamination is hoped for, please contact Department of Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Administration Division construction industry group (Phone: 096-333-2485).
[eligible people of reexamination statement]
 Person that result notification by new standard is necessary among people that it is constructor who received construction industry permission of Governor of Kumamoto by regulations of Construction Industry Act Article 3 Paragraph 1 and applies for management matter examination before March 31, 2020 (Raiwa 2), and notification is (from examination basic date less than one year seven months) as a result of former standard on expiration date in the statement day of reexamination
※When management matter examination is had jushin of as usual after April 1, 2020 (Raiwa 2), by new standard, as for "the management scales, is evaluation result notification, general rating scale value notification  
 As we issue book, we do not need reexamination statement some other time.
[reference: Construction Industry Act enforcement regulations (extract)]
(statement of reexamination)
Article 20 (almost)
When standard or other evaluation methods (thing pertaining to evaluation is best as for management scales.) of management matter examination of 23 Paragraph 3 of 2 method Article 27 are revised, notwithstanding the provision of the preceding paragraph, we limit within 120 days from day of the revision concerned, and person who received notice of result of examination by 27 regulations of law Article 27 based on evaluation method before the revision concerned can state reexamination (limited to reexamination about matter pertaining to the revision concerned.).
3-5 (almost)

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