From April 4 "eat, and support! Beef campaign of Kumamoto begins (until May 10)

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Regional beef hits! "We eat and support! About beef campaign of Kumamoto

 We receive new coronavirus infectious disease expansion, and consumption of beef drops by decrease in self-restraint and inbound demand for various events and eating out.
 We carry out campaign for regional beef consumption expansion in cooperation with affiliates to support cattle farmer of this prefecture proud of cow breeding head count for meat of the national fourth place.


 In the regional beef handling-designated shop in the prefecture, we have you put regional beef brand seal put on regional beef meat packs which you purchased on exclusive application postcard one piece and apply and present by lot regional beef (10,000 yen equivalency).


 ◆Present contents◆

  It is ten people by regional beef 10,000 yen equivalency

  It is 30 people by regional beef 5,000 yen equivalency

  ※After fair lottery, we change to announcement with shipment.



 From Saturday, April 4, 2020 to Sunday, May 10 ※Cancellation on that day is effective on Wednesday, May 13

Product which is targeted for application

 Kumamoto dirt cow, Kumamoto Japanese black beef, taste Aya cow of Kumamoto

 Regional beef brand seal

Target store

 The prefecture 55 store


Beef campaign poster

※We update participation store at any time.



 Beef consumption expansion promotion meeting from Kumamoto


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