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Penal regulations for poaching were strengthened!

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At 1 beginning

 In late years vicious poaching is brought into question nationwide and has a big influence on fishery activity and marine resources.
 Particularly, because it inhabits area along the shore about abalone or sea cucumber, and there is saiho easily, it is easy to be targeted in poaching, and there is one side used as source of funds of anti-society power.
 Based on such a process, penal regulations were largely strengthened to prevent poaching with revision of Fisheries Act of 2018 effectively.

What kind of 2 penal regulations were strengthened? (it takes effect within two years from) on (December 14, 2018 on the day of promulgation of revised Fisheries Law)

(1) saiho (the revised Fisheries Act Article 189 first) of specific fishery products
 We set "abalone sea cucumber whitebait eel ※ 1" that vicious poaching strides for "specific fisheries animals and plants ※ 2", and, as a general rule, it is prohibited that saiho does these living things, and fines imprisonment that it is or less for person who violated this for three years or 30 million yen or less will be inflicted nationwide.
 In addition, sum of 30 million yen becomes maximum amount for the amount of fine for individual.
 But when fisherman is based on "fishery right" or "fishery that the prefectural governor admits", we are excluded and can do saiho.


(2) Transportation of specific fishery products had saiho of illegally (revised Fisheries Act Article 189 No. 2)
 It is thought that it is caused by the fact that there is person purchasing this with large amount that poaching of specific fishery products occurs.
 Therefore, for person whom we carry these while knowing that it was done saiho illegally and keep and acquire or mediation of disposal recommended, fines imprisonment or less or 30 million yen or less will be inflicted for three years.


※We say eel that 1 is whitebait eel ... 13 centimeters in total length or less. In addition, as for the whitebait eel, period of grace of three years is established.
※2 with the identification fisheries animals and plants in ... property is unjust; saiho done fear is the big fisheries animals and plants for the purpose of profiting, and fisheries movement saiho by the purpose concerned concerned:               

   We say thing setting in Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries ordinance as thing that fear to bring production activity of growth of plant or fishery serious influence is big (revised Fisheries Act Article 132                                              

   Paragraph 1).


 In addition, the details, please identify (the Fisheries Agency homepage) We open with the other window(external link) as penal regulations in conjunction with prevention of poaching are strengthened.

   In addition, revised Fisheries Law will be enforced within two years from the day of promulgation (December 14, 2018).


About 3 or other rule manners to want you to protect

 In the sea, river, lake of Kumamoto, various rules can decide based on fishery-related law and fishery adjustment rule of the prefecture.
 Understanding and cooperation, please so that we follow rule and manner, and it is happy leisure for prevention of trouble and protection of the fisheries animals and plants.
 The details, please identify rule manner nitsuiteogoWe open with the other window of play fishing in the surface of the water in We open with the other window(2) Kumamoto about rule manner of play fishing in the (1) Kumamoto sea surface.

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