[Kumamoto SDGs] RE business innovators "hinokuni re-energy, energy saving group" ★It is started construction through hardship that is small hydroelectric power station state of born Minamiaso at last by the first "Kumamoto method"!

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Kumamoto full of nature is blessed with sunlight, wind power, waterpower, terrestrial heat, hot spring heat, various renewable energy resources including biomass!

1 of energy to use the quantity in the prefecture. We seem to have possibilities to cover 6 times!


The prefecture seems to need various places of company, group, individual working on energy saving using advanced technology after starting energy business about generation and electricity retail, heat and traffic using such a re-energy resources a lot.


We name friends working on such re-energy, energy saving by power of business RE business innovators "hinokuni re-energy, energy saving corps" and introduce by serialization!


※RE: It is abbreviation of Renewable Energy (renewable energy).




The first
Minamiaso hydraulic power generation, use of Kumamoto small hydroelectric promotion meeting 
It "is started construction through hardship that is small hydroelectric power station state of born Minamiaso at last by "Kumamoto method"! "

 Construction of small hydroelectric power station began this year in Kugino, Minamiaso-mura on January 8, 2020. "Minamiaso hydroelectric power station" where people concerned got over innumerable hardships before leading to the start of construction by wisdom and effort and at last have begun to turn up. We introduce trace until the start of construction.  




Opening "Kumamoto small hydroelectric generation workshop"

 In July, 2011 when the Great East Japan Earthquake took place, interest in renewable energy increased rapidly, and various approaches began in the prefecture.
 One of the inside "Kumamoto small hydroelectric generation workshop." "Use of Kumamoto small hydroelectric promotion meeting" carried the secretariat by trust business of the prefecture, and about 50 companies including company inside and outside the prefecture gathered and started examination for small hydroelectric generation business realization in the prefecture.




Selection of first difficulty = proposed site

 Member who gathered in workshop begins to look for site proposed for power station. In the small hydroelectric power station, quantity of water becomes stable in re-energy power station, and it is said that it is particularly difficult to look for right lot because it is necessary to find place that drop has a big in pinpoint.
 Therefore the prefecture appealed to the municipalities and we made the most of network of workshop member and collected information, and there was the worth, and candidate points 30 or more were listed. It was agriculture irrigation canal of Kugino, Minamiaso-mura district that it was chosen as rose color in particular from that at plan point of the first.
 We could build the cooperation system with Kugino land improvement district and Minamiaso-mura that managed irrigation canal smoothly, and "Minamiaso hydraulic power generation" started in 6 corporation 4 individuals at the time of establishment. 


Position figure




Business stops by the issue of system connection and Kumamoto earthquake

 Investigation, plan, administrative procedure advanced smoothly, but problem not to be able to be connected to the transmission school (power transmission line) in 2013 blocked.
 This was nationwide problem, but we came to lack capacity of the transmission system, and examples said to that we could not drain electricity of re-energy power station which we were going to make with much effort into power transmission line occurred frequently as there had begun to be re-energy generation facility including photovoltaic power generation facility in farming and mountain village region since the FIT method (current: special measures law about promotion of the use of renewable energy electricity) establishment of 2012 rapidly. We had effect of Kumamoto earthquake in this solution to the problem and 2016 and took approximately 6 years before the start of construction.





As the small hydroelectric first of citizen of the prefecture power station to the certification and the start of construction

 "Minamiaso hydroelectric power station" which people concerned got over such various hardships by wisdom and effort, and was accepted for the fourth "citizens of Kumamoto power station ※" (as small hydroelectric generation facility the first) in March, 2018, and reached the start of construction in this April. We put dream of many people and plan to begin generation of April, 2021 of next year.



※Please refer to the following for "citizens of Kumamoto power station".





It is driven by maintenanceMinamiaso hydraulic power generation
PlaceKugino, Minamiaso-mura district

Cross axle Francis waterwheel
(we draw water in aqueduct to burry in the ground of 963m in total length from agriculture irrigation canal of Kugino land improvement district management)

Francis waterwheel

(note) photograph is thing of other example

Max power198kW

Annual assumption

Quantity of generation

(equivalent to electricity consumption for about 340 households)
Total operating costAbout three oku 80 million yen





[for the end] We realize the making of power station of local leadership by open "Kumamoto method"

 Following the first in Minamiaso, we push forward investigation and plan for small hydroelectric generation facility maintenance in use of Kumamoto small hydroelectric promotion meeting in sequence.
 As "Kumamoto method", the place name and progress of proposed site that is not clarified are usually announced on this occasion. We can form place of open discussion with the local municipalities and the local person concerned, and the prefecture company seems to be connected by this in environment creation which is easy to lead business.



※With small hydroelectric generation, the generation output is 1,000kW or less and we turn waterwheel using flow of water of small and medium size river, agriculture irrigation canal and water disposal facility and generate electricity (large waterpower means middle waterpower, 30,000kW or more at 1,000-30,000kW). Kumamoto blessed with water has 16 small hydroelectric generation facilities, moderate hydroelectric generation facility 42, and quantity of generation is the whole country fifth place.



※About "Kumamoto method" of small hydroelectric generation, it is written in book (Toyo Keizai Inc.) where "small hydroelectric generation saves area" of Masaru Nakajima (rise) who is use of national small hydroelectric promotion meeting secretary general in detail. This article referred to the book, too.


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