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About Kumamoto risk level pertaining to new coronavirus infectious disease measures

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Current risk level


Risk level

 As a result of hearing about expert opinion based on the infection situation of latest one week (from Tuesday, August 4 Monday, August 10), and having judged generally, risk level from Tuesday, August 11 maintains [level 4 special warning] and, about measures, does as follows.


New influenza calls for cooperation to citizens of the prefecture based on measures special measures law (we say "special measures law" as follows.) Article 24 Paragraph 9

・Restrain yourself from going out to non-pivot non-sudden outside the prefecture
・Restrain in particular yourself from movement to place with "three are dense" and area where infection is popular as much as possible
・Carry out infection preventive measures against securing of distance with mask wearing, hand-washing, person and person thoroughly
・You do not post sticker, and restrain yourself from the use of "specific restaurant" which is not made of preventive measures against infection ("restaurant with receptions such as bar or club" and "restaurant providing other alcoholic beverages")
・Call on relatives living in outside the prefecture to refrain from homecoming such as tray periods
・When you have symptom of fever and a cold, in the relative event, do not participate in event with the dinner in a great many people (more than ten people) near at hand
・You share room with housemate with symptoms such as hand-washing and bathing, fever just after return, and carry out preventive measures against infection in home thoroughly
・The elderly person, person having underlying disease and family carry out preventive measures against infection thoroughly on going out in particular

Cooperation request to company based on special measures law Article 24 Paragraph 9

・Carrying out preventive measures against infection by check lists which infection spread prevention guidelines We open with the other window(external link) and the prefecture show thoroughly in "the specific restaurant", and that posting stickers on citizen of the prefecture so that it is revealed (about good use of check list and sticker)
・In company and the office, practice preventive measures against infection
・In social welfare facility and the medical institution, carry out measures to prevent infection and nosocomial infection in facility thoroughly
・Perform realization of preventive measures against infection in office and facility and conduct
・Establishing rules of the contact system and business stop in office when infected person or symptomatic person occurred
・Manager for measures when infected people occurred and setting corresponding people

Cooperation request to sponsor pertaining to holding such as special events based on special measures law Article 24 Paragraph 9

・Restrain yourself from special event that cannot be thorough of preventive measures against infection. In addition, postpone special event that you can postpone as much as possible


(held limits from past)
 The details are this


In addition, (from past ask)

・Prevention of basic infection such as three dense no evasion, security of distance with finger hygiene, person and people in bathrooms, mask wearing, please.
・I would like practice of "new lifestyleWe open with the other window".
・When layoff is instructed in at the time of time or close contact doubt with infected person to receive examination of coronavirus by public health center, we would appreciate your following instructions.
・When you have symptoms such as fever, please refrain from going out.
・Please refrain from going out to facilities where prevention of infection by infection spread prevention guidelines We open with the other window(external link), prefectural check list does not reach.
・On going out, you perform sterilization of wearing and finger of mask, and please secure distance with people in the sightseeing spot in particular.
・In the company, prevention of enough infection, please work by infection spread prevention guidelines We open with the other window(external link) that check listWe open with the other window, country which the prefecture showed gather.
・About preventive measures against infection in activity at stricken area to victim, the staff, position of all the supporters (including journalist),

Using "preventive measures against infection check list when you move into action at stricken area", please be thorough some other time.

・I would like the active use of contact confirmation application that Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare released.
Request to citizen of the prefecture


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