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To all of you keeping pet (new coronavirus infectious disease relations information)

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To all of you keeping pet (new coronavirus infectious disease relations information)

 It is thought that main infection course of new coronavirus infectious disease is droplet infection and contact infection.
 When we touched in pets, we wash hand with soap and water, and let's carry out general hygiene management performing as normal animal origin infectious disease measures such as avoiding excessive contact.

 In addition, when owner is infected with new coronavirus infectious disease, we possess, and the owner will examine custody points such as family or acquaintance by any chance.


Ministry of the Environment homepage "new model coronavirus related information" (to all of you keeping pet, pet-related proprietor) We open with the other window(external link)



Tokyo veterinarian society homepage "thing (Ver.1) that want to know to keep pets which infected person keeps to new coronavirus" We open with the other window(external link)


List of prefecture consultation counters



Phone number 

 Ariake public health center (Arao-shi, Tamana-shi, Tamana-gun) 1004-1, Iwasaki, Tamana-shi 0968-72-2184
 Yamaga public health center (Yamaga-shi) 465-2, Yamaga, Yamaga-shi 0968-44-4121
 Kikuchi public health center (Kikuchi-shi, Koshi-shi, Kikuchi-gun) 1272-10, Waifu, Kikuchi-shi 0968-25-4135
 Aso public health center (Aso-shi, Aso-gun) 2402, Ichinomiyamachimiyaji, Aso-shi 0967-24-9035
 Mifune public health center (Kamimashiki-gun) 396-1, Hetami, Mifune-machi, Kamimashiki-gun 096-282-0016
 Uki public health center (Uto-shi, Uki-shi, Shimomashiki-gun) 400-1, Matsubasemachikugu, Uki-shi 0964-32-0598
 Yatsushiro public health center (Yatsushiro-shi, Yatsushiro-gun) 1660, Nishikatamachi, Yatsushiro-shi 0965-33-3198
 Minamata public health center (Minamata-shi, Ashikita-gun) 2-2-13, Hachimancho, Minamata-shi 0966-63-4104
 Hitoyoshi public health center (Hitoyoshi-shi, Kuma-gun) 86-1, Nishiaidashimomachi, Hitoyoshi-shi 0966-22-3108
 Amakusa public health center (Amakusa-shi, Kamiamakusa-shi, Amakusa-gun) 3530, Imagamashinmachi, Amakusa-shi 0969-23-0172
 Public Health Emergencies Management Division animal protection group 6-18-1, Suizenji, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi 096-333-2248
 Kumamoto veterinarian society Higashi-ku, Kumamoto-shi Sakuragi 6-3-54 096-396-7807

※Please consult with Kumamoto-shi animal protection center (096-380-2153) about person of Kumamoto-shi.



From Q&A (at April 15 version) for people raising Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Q&A animal

Are you infected with pet which question 1 raises?

 So far several examples that it is thought that dog, cat were infected from Homo sapiens infected with new coronavirus abroad are reported. In addition, it is animal

Infection (guessed that we were infected by member of breeding) example in tigers of garden is reported.
 But it is revealed that we are infected by droplet infection and contact infection from Homo sapiens whom new coronavirus developed in to Homo sapiens mainly, and it is limited to number that there are a few infection examples in animals at present.


Do you have symptom in question 2 infected animals?

 So far clear symptom is not confirmed in dogs, but there is report that there was respiratory symptom, digestive organ symptom in cats.


Is there example that people were infected with from pet which question 3 raises? In addition, can there be thing that you should be careful in raising pet?

 So far example that new coronavirus infected people from pet is not reported.

 However, please perform sterilization with alcohol for hand-washing and finger after refraining from excessive contact with animal for the prevention of infectious disease derived from animal, and having always touched animal. Of pet in particular when is ill-conditioned, let's refrain from contact unnecessary as possible.


As for the Question 4 new model coronavirus, is bat origin true?

 Natural host of new coronavirus is not clear at present. As SARS-like coronavirus that the genetic sequence is of bat origin is near, possibility that bat became derivation of this new model coronavirus is thought about, but it is not revealed that it is clear.


We raise Question 5 dog, must vaccine of rabies beat by June 30?

 In where dog is raised, it is decided to receive preventive injection during periods from April 1 to June 30 based on Rabies Prevention Law every year.
 However, we would appreciate your coping carefully this year as we intend to enable what we receive from the viewpoint of prevention of spread of infectious disease after July and push forward examination based on the infection spread situation pertaining to new coronavirus infectious disease. We talk by telephone contact beforehand to avoid congestion in waiting room when we consult animal hospital, and consideration to prevent outbreaks, please.


Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare homepage "infectious disease derived from animal" We open with the other window(external link)



World Organization for Animal Health (OIE)  Q&As 

World Organisation for Animal Health: At OIE "Questions and Answers on the 2019 Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)" April 21, 2020 version


Will question animal be infected with new coronavirus infectious disease?

 Case of new coronavirus infectious disease spreads widely in someone's group, and several animals may infect through close contact with infected people now. Infection to animal of new coronavirus has close relation to maintenance of hygiene and the welfare of animal, wild animal.
 After the close contact with person infected with new coronavirus, several dogs and cats (domestic cat and tiger) became positive by new coronavirus inspection. About the details information reported in OIE, please see "More information" of OIE website.
 Study we understand sensitivity of various species for new coronavirus more and to evaluate infection change of species with sensitivity is pushed forward.
 As for the evidence that animal which new coronavirus moved to from people carries role to scatter this virus on, there are none now. Outbreak in people is caused by contact from people to person.

What do we know about question new model coronavirus and companion animal?

 Current expanse of new coronavirus is result of person-to-person transmission. To date there is no act and deed that companion animal can spread disease due to new coronavirus. Therefore, there is no adequate cause to take measures against that might spoil the welfare of companion animal.
 Infection example of several animals is reported in OIE. About these examples, please see "More information" of OIE website. So far these examples are independent examples, and, as for the evidence that companion animal carries role to widen a person's new coronavirus infectious disease on, there are none.


When question companion animal and other animals contact person suspected of disease and infection of new coronavirus closely, what kind of precautionary measures should owner lecture on?

 At present, important epidemiological evidence to play its part does not have companion animal in a person's coronavirus infectious disease. However, animal and person recommend that people infecting new model coronavirus limit contact with companion animal and other animals until further information becomes clear about this virus to have possibilities to share disease to be known as person beast common infectious disease.
 It is necessary to always carry out basic hygiene measures if we do the handling and care of animal. Animal, the circumference of food and tableware of animal and hand-washing before and after the handling are included in this. In addition, you lick kiss and food and should avoid sharing.
 When possible, person infected with new coronavirus and treated person avoid heavy contact with pet and think that it is desirable to ask other families for animal care. When you were infected and must take care of pet, we maintain appropriate hygiene custom, and it is necessary to wear mask if possible.



The World Health Organization (WHO) Q&A

World Health Organization: At WHO "Q&A on coronaviruses (COVID-19)" April 17, 2020 version


Do you catch question new model coronavirus infectious disease from pet keeping?

 Several dogs and cats (domestic cat and tiger) which contacted infected person showed positive by inspection of new coronavirus. In addition, it is thought about ferret to be contagious. In study, there is result that we can transmit cat and ferrets to another capita of each kind. However, these animals transmit new coronavirus to people, and there is no evidence to carry role to widen virus. New coronavirus spreads through a cough, sneezing of infected person, spray in case of conversation mainly.
 We recommend person infected with new coronavirus sequentially and that at risk infection writes down contact with companion animal and other animals. When we perform the handling and care of animal, it is necessary to always perform general hygiene management. Hand-washing after having treated animal, food, other articles is included in this like kiss with animal, licking, share of food.
 Other recommendation matters are available on website of the world rinderpest secretariat (OIE).
 We are going to update as soon as WHO watches the latest investigation closely about contents about this matter and other new coronavirus sequentially, and new findings is confirmed.




















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