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Kumamoto full of nature is blessed with sunlight, wind power, waterpower, terrestrial heat, hot spring heat, various renewable energy resources including biomass!

1 of energy to use the quantity in the prefecture. We seem to have possibilities to cover 6 times!


The prefecture seems to need various places of company, group, individual working on energy saving using advanced technology after starting energy business about generation and electricity retail, heat and traffic using such a re-energy resources a lot.


We name friends working on such re-energy, energy saving by power of business RE business innovators "hinokuni re-energy, energy saving corps" and introduce by serialization!


※RE: It is abbreviation of Renewable Energy (renewable energy).





The second
Association of Kumamoto mirai energy 
At low cost start by approach to lead family to decarburization by "the joint purchase" of photovoltaic power generation facilities" 

 Approach of "combination purchase" worked on for cost drop of re-energy facilities in the whole country and the world.

 In the prefecture, the joint purchase business of photovoltaic power generation facilities was started in the spring of 2020 of this year by group which we formed because professional of electric facilities business protected the future earth of children. We introduce this approach to accelerate domestic decarbonization by innovation of "way of buying" this time.

 ZEH illustration


As for the roof holder photovoltaic power generation facilities, this is the spread public performance.

 There is concern about user who heard only news that the purchase price of re-energy electricity by the FIT method becomes cheaper year by year misunderstanding saying "it may not make a profit even if we already touch photovoltaic power generation facilities on roof of house".

 Actually, roof holder photovoltaic power generation facilities have just begun, but are public performance of the spread. This is because facilities price becomes lower. We will compare with eight years ago at the time of the FIT method start


 ■Aging comparison of the average price of home photovoltaic power generation facilities

   kW unit price In the case of 3kW
 2012 price466,000 yen/kW About 1.4 million yen
 2020 price290,000 yen/kW   870,000 yen

 [the source: country acquisition cost price calculation committee information]


 Capacity of general house photovoltaic power generation facilities is around 3-4kW, but, in the case of 3kW, becomes a little less than 900,000 yen and 60% degree eight years ago. (FIT purchase price becomes cheaper accordingly, too.)


※Special measures law about promotion of the use of FIT method = existing renewable energy electricity





"Lower price" is key for photovoltaic power generation facilities to spread in many families more. "The joint purchase" is one of the ace technique of that purpose.

 In this way, it is photovoltaic power generation becoming considerably cheap, but, after all, shopping nearly 1 million yen is great, and user demands "more cheaply".

 Therefore, in Kanagawa, Tokyo, Osaka, we pay our attention to price reduction effect by "the joint purchase" and promote this.

 The joint purchase is approach to lower cost price by representative bundling up the purchasing of many users, and making "bulk buying". Scale merit occurs by placing an order a lot at a time and is connected for cost drop. (in example of Kanagawa, up to 26% seemed to become cheap from general price.)

Conceptual diagram





Attempt to lead family to decarburization by "the joint purchase" in the prefecture starts.

 Because plural electric facilities proprietor in the prefecture protects the future earth of children, "association of Kumamoto mirai energy" is group established for pushing forward re-energy introduction and energy saving promotion from situation of professional of electric facilities construction.


 ■"Association of Kumamoto mirai energy" homepage



  For the purpose of letting the spread of photovoltaic power generation facilities for house accelerate, we started approach of the combination purchase to lead the prefecture family to decarburization in the group from the spring of 2020. (in detail ↓)


 ■Approach contents of the photovoltaic power generation facilities joint purchase of the group



  This approach to push forward re-energy introduction by innovation of "way of buying" has just begun, but hides big possibility to let you strongly accelerate the roof holder photovoltaic power generation facilities spread of crucial moments.


Roof holder PV photograph



[data] CO2 discharge "by electricity use of" family planning reduction by this approach

We can reduce considerable part of about 2 tons of exhausted CO2 discharges by by installing photovoltaic power generation facilities of output 3kW in house roof, one household of home using electricity a year. (the prefecture does not warrant effect of ※ CO2 emission reduction and electric bill reduction.)

Domestic CO2 discharge graph


[the graph source: JCCCA (nationwide prevention of global warming measures promotion center) homepage]



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