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 Company which is targeted for 1 grant
  Of "last stipend" of country, among (include sole proprietor.) such as small and medium sized enterprise operators who do not come to apply to, 30% or more less than 50% decrease sales of one month from a year earlier
 ru company.
 (note), in addition, with "last stipend" of country overlap application (receipt) is not possible.
  <in the case of corporation>
    ・Sum of capital or the total sum of investment is less than 1 billion yen
    ・When there is not the fate mentioned above, the number of employees to always use is 2,000 or less
    Company which there is in this.
 ※Founding exception
  About proprietor who made founding (the opening of business) after January, 2020 of "last stipend" of country because do not become a target, at this time, is founding by April 30 in after January of the year   
 We do and, about proprietor getting business income, decide to support by money of business continuation support of the prefecture as exception (we decrease more than this case, 50%
 We intend for company.) .

        Correction (June 2) accompanied with reception hours change of exclusive consultation counter (call center)

        The handling when final income tax return documents do not have receipt date stamp, regulations about identity verification documents partial revision (June 11)

        The new opening of business exception (personal company) and substance about affliction exception (company personal as for the small business corporation) partial revision (June 12)

        Merger exception (small business corporation) and substance about succession exception (personal company) partial revision (June 23)

        Founding exception (small business corporation) and substance about the new opening of business exception (personal company) partial revision (July 3)

        We found the application point (application guidance) for freelance (July 3)

    • (3) The acquisition method of application documents
    •   We can download and can obtain various styles and the application point (guidance of application) from this page by the next method.
    •   ・We distribute in the first floor of the Kumamoto prefectural government office administration ridge Main Building information plaza
    •   ・We distribute in Kumamoto Regional Administrative Headquarters promotion section, Kumamoto Regional Promotion Bureau general affairs promotion section
    •   ・We distribute at appointed window of each municipality
    • (4) Application reception desk period
        •   From Tuesday, May 26, 2020 to Friday, January 15, 2021 <plan>
        • (5) Application method
        •   Please mail application documents to the following addresses. In addition, as a general rule, we do not accept application by bringing from the viewpoint of prevention of infection.
        •   <address>
        •    〒Person in charge of 862-8570 Kumamoto business and industry policy section business continuation support gold (※ endorsement of address unnecessary)
        • (6) Grant
        •   If we examine the contents, and it is admitted that it is appropriate after having accepted application documents, we send grant decision notice and transfer money of cooperation to designated account immediately
        •  masu. In addition, we will send non-grant decision notice if we decide not to issue money of support as a result of examination.
        • (7) Withdrawal of application
        •   If it is interval to the front receiving grant decision, after the application, we can withdraw application. When we withdraw application, I would like submission of withdrawal application.
        • (8) Return
        •    In consultation counter (call center) exclusive after the grant decision as for the country that it is necessary to become a target, and to return money of business continuation support of "last stipend" of advance notice 
  •   Please submit the top, following return offers book. We receive submission of offer book and send notice of return.
      • 5 grant conditions
          ・With "last stipend" of country do not perform overlap application (receipt)
           When case and unjust receipt that overlap became clear become clear, accept return
          ・Agree to oath matter about gang exclusion
          ・Do not correspond to non-grant requirements (person to become outside grant object) of (5) from following (1)
           (1) Public corporation prescribed in the Corporate Tax Law separate table first
           (2) We perform "waiting on customers duties trust business" pertaining to "sex culture-related special business" prescribed in law about adequacy of regulation such as business of offering food and entertainment and duties and the business concerned
        •      Company
             (3) Political organization
             (4) Religious organization or group
             (5) (1)Person whom the governor judges in light of purpose, purpose of Kumamoto business continuation support gold other than item enumerated in this through (4) when not suitable
        • 6 and others
        • (1) When fact or injustice not to correspond to grant requirements are found out after the grant of money of support, we cancel grant decision and demand return of money of support.
        • (2) When the governor admits that injustice is found out in application contents with need, we may announce information such as company names.
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