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Instructions (measures to new coronavirus infectious disease) when we evacuate to refuge

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 About new coronavirus infectious disease, case that infection course cannot identify in Japan either comes up in many and rapid increase is confirmed.

 When natural disasters such as heavy rains occur in such situation, and it will evacuate to refuge, it becomes important to make sure of infectious disease measures.

 In each municipality, we push forward infectious disease measures of refuge, but every possible infectious disease would appreciate your taking measures against citizens of the prefecture.



Instructions when we evacuate to refuge


Confirmation (we avoid three dense (sealing, crowd, closeness)) of home disaster risk and action that you should take           

 Let's confirm whether evacuation is necessary in hazard map at the time of typhoon, heavy rain beforehand outside home.
 At the same time, we confirm evacuation action that oneself should take by "evacuation action judgment flow", and let's choose evacuation site beforehand.
 In addition, disaster prevention information such as weather information or river water level information, please obtain the latest thing from homepages of the prefecture.

 When "evacuation" is that "hi" rejects "difficulty" and is in safe place as a result of these confirmation, it is not necessarily necessary to go in evacuation site.


 ※Confirmation of hazard map and the latest disaster prevention information from this
  Disaster prevention information Kumamoto https://portal.bousai.pref.kumamoto.jp We open with the other window(external link)
  Five points (PDF: 246.5 kilobytes) that you should know We open with the other window

  Evacuation action judgment flow (PDF: 2.07 megabytes) We open with the other window

  Point (PDF: 2.16 megabytes) of evacuation information We open with the other window



Mask, bringing of other necessary articles

 Article which mask, towel, thermometer, household medicine, oneself including food need will prepare on evacuating to bring.



Thorough basic measures such as hand-washing, a cough etiquette

 We wash our hands frequently, and let's carry out basic infection measures such as a cough etiquette thoroughly.
 ※When do a cough, sneezing because do not transmit infectious diseases to others with a cough etiquette, using mask and tissue handkerchief, sleeve, the inside of elbow,
  It is to hold down mouth and nose. 



                      The source: The Prime Minister's office homepage (https://www.kantei.go.jp/jp/headline/kansensho/coronavirus.html)


Cleaning of personal belongings grade

 When there is dirt which articles are periodical and is visible, we clean using home detergent, and let's keep surroundings clean as much as possible.

About where symptoms such as fever, a cough were given to

 A fever, cough which is poor in, physical condition that symptom was over will report to the refuge administration staff immediately.
 In addition, in evacuation, please act according to rule that the municipalities opening refuge establish.
Mon which is not close togetherMon which washes handMon which we ventilate
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