We established essential point about setting of Agricultural Research Center official vehicle Drive recorder and management

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Essential point about setting of Agricultural Research Center official vehicle Drive recorder and management

1 setting purpose
  This essential point is improvement, traffic accident of safe driving awareness of the staff of Agricultural Research Center (we say "center" as follows.) and driving manner, * at the time of trouble occurrence

 Matter which is necessary about installing Drive recorder in official vehicle of center for the purpose of planning soku and appropriate processing, and management operation doing this appropriately

 We shall set.

2 definition of terms 
(1) Drive recorder
   We say device recording picture, sound inside and outside the official vehicle.
(2) Recorded data
   Picture which we recorded to Drive recorder is called.

Setting of 3 Drive recorders
(1) Official vehicle to install
  Oh, official vehicle which setting intends for does with all official vehicle which center has jurisdiction over and does the number of the vehicles to install in consideration of use frequency as follows.
    Fruit tree research institute        Two
  When we add i setting vehicle or we change, we shall report to generalization administrator.
(2) The operation time and picture to record
   It is said that it returns after leaving government building at time to operate Drive recorder and shall record picture vehicle ahead.

4 generalization administrators
  Generalization administrator assumes center's manager of Management Department and we generalize recorded data and manage.

5 administrators
  Administrator does with Director of the General Affairs Division having jurisdiction over official vehicle which set up Drive recorder or study director and manages Drive recorder and recorded data.

The use of 6 recorded data and management
(1) The handling of memory card
  Oh, recorded data when memory card to record recorded data attaches to regular Drive recorder, and there was constant shock accompanied with traffic accidents is the top

   We decide to record to write, and not to be able to do it.
  We decide to remove imemorikado only when confirmation of recorded data is necessary to achieve setting purpose.
  Because cormorant prevents stealing, we shall lock all doors after the use of official vehicle.
(2) Confirmation, analysis of recorded data
   It is decided that only person whom administrator, generalization administrator and generalization administrator recognized performs confirmation, analysis of recorded data.
(3) Preservation of recorded data
  Oh, * which copies, and saves, and can lock exclusive medium if we judge that preservation is necessary as a result that administrator confirmed recorded data to achieve setting purpose

   You decide to keep in mushitsunai and must not copy to thing except exclusive medium. Recorded data of memory card is deleted after the copying immediately by exclusive medium

  It is said with 1 month during preservation period of i recorded data. But if is admitted with need for correspondence to affect solution to traffic accident or trouble in particular, Director center

   We get approval of this and shall be able to extend preservation period. In this case, we state extension reason clearly and shall record so on document.
  Recorded data that passed shall delete cormorant period to save in the administrator surely. In addition, recorded recorded data overwrites memory card

   When we come and are done, we consider that we deleted appropriately when it was overwritten.
(4) Limits such as the use of recorded data
  Oh, you shall use recorded data in traffic accident, confirmation such as troubles and diagnostication and must not use for other purpose.
  When we use recorded data to set of ia, administrator copies reading, loan of recorded data to person except person whom generalization administrator recognized (as follows "offer

   Equal, toiu must not let you do). In addition, when administrator performs offers of recorded data, of name, recorded data of reason, date, other party

   We make blotter which recorded content and shall save.
  When we perform the use or offer outside purpose, we shall perform cormorant data to record based on regulations of Kumamoto ordinance of privacy protection Article 8 Paragraph 2.

Indication of 7 setting
  We shall show it is "car mounted with Drive recorder" to official vehicle which set up Drive recorder.

8 and others
  Other than thing to fix for this essential point, administrator and generalization administrator discuss necessary matter about setting of Drive recorder and management, sho of Director center

 We get mitome and shall set particularly.


 This essential point takes effect on March 16, 2020.
 This essential point takes effect on March 18, 2020.
 This essential point takes effect on April 1, 2020.


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