We established essential point about management such as Agricultural Research Center security cameras

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Essential point about management such as Agricultural Research Center security cameras

1 purpose
  Appropriate operation about setting, management of security camera (we say "camera" as follows.) to install in Agricultural Research Center for purpose to fix this essential point for the next clause
 But, we shall set necessary matter so that we are found.
Setting purpose of 2 cameras
  We shall install camera for safety management of facility and crime prevention.
3 setting places
(1) Setting place, number
   We install camera in the next place of Agricultural Research Center agricultural Japan Inst. of Systems Res.
   ・We install three cameras in main building experiment ridge for the north side parking lot shooting (according to the attachment setting figure)
(2) It is targeted for shooting
   Taking picture of camera object assumes facility user, wrongful intruder.
(3) Shooting time
   At taking picture of camera time, we do daylong.
(4) Recording
  Image which we photographed with camera shall record.
Designation of 4 generalization administrators  
     Generalization administrator assumes the Agricultural Research Center manager of Management Department and we generalize recorded data and manage.
Designation of 5 administrators
  Administrator assumes agricultural system director of the Research Institute who installed camera and manages recorded data.
Management method of picture which 6 recorded
(1) Storage area
  Image which we recorded shall keep in facilities which administrator can lock (we say "image" as follows.).
(2) Preservation period
   During preservation period of image, we do with one month. But if it is admitted that it is particularly necessary for investigation on criminal offense, we get approval of administrator and extend preservation period
  There shall be thing. In this case, we state extension reason clearly and shall record so on document.
(3) Reading of image
  Oh, reading of image says that, as a general rule, we recognize abnormality.
  Person who can do i reading shall be limited to person who got permission of generalization administrator, administrator and generalization administrator.
  Cormorant decides to record reader full name, reading purpose, reading content on the reading date and time on reading, and administrator shall save the blotter.
(4) Removal
   Image which passed shall remove preservation period in the administrator surely.
Indication of 7 setting
  We install indication board which we listed during "the security camera operation" in place that it is easy to look at of area targeted for taking picture of camera.
Offer of 8 images
  Administrator can offer image to criminal investigation agencies in the least bound admitted that it is necessary for the investigation of crime, accident.
9 and others
  Other than thing to fix for this essential point, administrator and generalization administrator discuss necessary matter about management of camera and they get approval of Director Agricultural Research Center and are different
 We set of this.
 This essential point takes effect on May 11, 2020 (Raiwa 2). 


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