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About temporary entering to house of person who might lose house by new coronavirus infectious disease under prefectural management

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About entering to house of person who might lose house by new coronavirus infectious disease under prefectural management

 New coronavirus infectious disease to be forced to withdrawal by by discharge accompanied with influence from house which, in fact, resides can enter at 1:00 to house under prefectural management.


 Offer house                                    
 As we introduce house to provide from house with space room under prefectural management, we may not enter desired house.


 Eligible people                                     
 Person (but it is limited to person of prefecture working.) who meets any of the following requirements
 (1)To be forced to withdrawal by from house which the employment including company dormitory and company house leased
 (2)Person who is forced to withdrawal from house which was able to reside by house allowances
 (3)To be forced to withdrawal by from house which, in fact, resides without losing employment by discharge, and unemployment receiving payment


 Offer period                                    
 Principle six months (in consideration for the situation of circumstances and income to be poor in house possible the deferred head until up to six months)


 The fee for use                                    
 ・The fee for use of house is different depending on house to enter. In addition, deposit, guarantor is unnecessary.
 ・Photothermal water costs are paid privately.
 ・Fee for common service, membership fee in the town block are paid privately.
 ・We rent parking lot for a fee only when there is space.


 ・Filing of paper which can confirm discharge including dismissal notice is necessary.
 ・It is necessary that neither application and living together planned person is gangster.
 ・Breeding of pet is prohibition.


 About securing of house stipend                                     
 We are provided with "securing of house benefit" if we meet constant requirements in income which might lose house by decrease accompanied with closure. For more details, please consult with independence consultation support organization of each municipality.
 ※The details are this →  https://www.mhlw.go.jp/content/000626236.pdf (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare HP)


 Kumamoto Department of Civil Engineering architecture Housing Bureau Housing Division (telephone 096-333-2550)


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