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 We asked citizens of the prefecture for "the non-pivot non-sudden going out self-restraint" and very severe correspondence including "closure request of business facility" until now because infected person tended to increase in Kumamoto.
 As a result, new infected person of this prefecture decreased, but country which infection enlarged again is confirmed a lot even if we succeed in suppression of infection once.
 Citizens of the prefecture acquire "new lifestyle" to prevent this "second wave", and it is necessary to have you practice. It leads to protecting oneself and important human life.


About "new lifestyle"

New lifestyle

Let's wash away virus and anxiety by hand-washing!

 Let's wash our hands diligently.
 Virus is not transmitted if we cut off infection course. We can greatly reduce possibility of infection by comings and goings if it washes away virus. At the time of entrance and exit of facility and return from whereabouts including before and after of cooking, the front of eating wash the hands diligently, and let's wash away virus with anxiety.

Let's avoid the three secrets

 "Closeness scene" which performs conversation and utterance near "crowd place" where many people gather bad "sealing space" of ventilation. We will avoid going out to place with these "three are dense".
 In addition, let's drink up distance with people 2 meters (at least 1 meter) as much as possible. It is considerate of partner, and it leads to valuing to leave physically.
 We avoid the three secrets, and let's take good care of family and friend. At first, we wash hand and face, and let's put temperature measurement custom of every morning to keep security of family if we return. When possible, when infection is doubted by family, in-home; let's possess to be able to isolate.

Let's blow off virus by ventilation

 Let's leave bidirectional window open to make flow of air when there are plural windows. When there is only one window, we open door and turn ventilation fan, and let's ventilate diligently.

Can anyone be infected even when?

 Even if it is careful only about anything, it is infectious disease that does if we are infected.
 Therefore let's perform hand-washing and a cough etiquette, mask wearing well. If a cold symptoms such as the cause, fever of toiu thought are seen "is oneself infected?" at first, we are absent from school and job, and let's write down going out. When you satisfy indication of consultation, please talk with exclusive consultation counter (096-300-5909).
 In addition, it is helpful in case anything happens when we turn on action history record function of smartphone.
 And it is really important, but it leads to strengthening prejudice and discrimination against disease due to virus to fan anxiety. We mention "reliable information" and will prevent you from going along with discriminatory behavior. There is possibility of infection in anyone. We thank treated person and all various places supporting the family, this situation including healthcare worker for their service, and let's have the respect.
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