About good use of preventive measures against infection check list and sticker

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 In this prefecture, we ask proprietor for notice of utilization of preventive measures against infection check list and the check list concerned for preventive measures against infection and coexistence of regional economy, citizen of the prefecture life.
   In addition, in business, we ask you to practice after confirmation about guidelines We open with the other window(external link) according to type of industry that each group sets.
 We ask you to post in total with the check list concerned as we made preventive measures against infection approach sticker design indicating working on preventive measures against infection.
 We utilize the check list concerned and sticker by all means and ask you to push forward approach to lead to security/safety of customer. In addition, we would like citizens of the prefecture to use facility posting the check list concerned and sticker.


  • <, for infectious disease extended prevention, I would like the next approach some other time>
  •         Thorough preventive measures against 1 infectious disease
            ・ Using the check list mentioned above, please carry out approach to preventive measures against infection thoroughly.
            ・ Please post the check list concerned on position that facility user can confirm.
  •               Inflection of guidelines according to 2 types of industry
            ・ With reference to the guidelines depending on applicable type of industry mentioned above, please inflect for preventive measures against infectious disease expansion.
  •         Notice of 3 stickers
            ・ Facility which carries out preventive measures against infection thoroughly by the check list mentioned above and guidelines,
  •           Please post the sticker concerned on facility entrances with notice of check list in addition.        
            ・ Please print sticker in each facility.
            ※ Please fill in "declaration day" and "facility name" on sticker on date when approach was started.
  •           In addition, please do not perform modifications (change of color, correction of letter, addition of design parts) of design such as stickers.


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