Announcement of KUMAMON stage resumption in KUMAMON square

The last update date:
 We reopen KUMAMON stage of stopping KUMAMON square for prevention of new coronavirus infection spread now from Friday, June 19.


[schedule] (by ※ prefecture and the national extended situation, plan may be changed.)

○From Friday, June 19 to Friday, June 26

 (except 23rd Tuesday, 25th Thursday) 

 ・It is 15:30 every day from 1 stage 15:00

○After Saturday, June 27

 ・Weekday From 1 stage 15:00 to have days 15:30 (is excluded on Tuesday on 4 second Thursday)

 ・Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: It is 15:30 every day from 12:00, 15:00 from 2 stage 11:30


[to viewers ask]

 Because everybody sees stage in peace, we would like the following infection measures to viewers in future. I would like understanding and cooperation.


○Main infection measures to ask viewers for

 ・The number of the viewing restrictions (application, lottery method)

 ・Prohibition of contact (high five, hug) with KUMAMON

 ・In the case of admission, we take temperature of sterilization of finger

 ・Thorough mask wearing

 ・Grasp (phone number, e-mail address) of contact information

※As for the details of instructions, please see this We open with the other window(external link: KUMAMON square HP).


○Application, lottery method of viewing 

 ・We run by application in KUMAMON square, lottery method on each stage, day.

 ・The number of the viewing is each around 35 stages.

 ・As receptionist on the Internet does not perform, please be careful.

 ・Time from application reception desk to entrance start for each stage is as follows.

 Stage time

Application reception desk 

Elected candidate announcement 

Elected candidate entrance 


It is 10:30 from 10:00 




From 12:00 to 14:00 



 ・I would like entry to application paper. Please cooperate with entry of contact information on this occasion. In addition, it should be one application in each time per person.

 ・Application becomes application in individual or parent and child. At the time of application, please keep specified stub of number after cutting off.

 (we can apply to two children for one ※ protector at the same time.)

 ・Successful announcement posts application number. At the time of entrance, take stub.

 ・We have ichidotaikan from customer in hall 15 minutes before each stage.

 ・We change stage of the morning at 11:30. (as for ※ before from 11:00)

※As for the details of application, lottery method of viewing, please see this We open with the other window(external link: KUMAMON square HP).


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