List of human rights enlightenment panels

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List of human rights enlightenment panels

 In human rights center, we perform free rental of enlightenment panel about human rights. In where rental is hoped for, please come to human rights center after checking status over telephone (096-333-2300 (direct)) directly beforehand.
 In addition, we can make a reservation about enlightenment panel from three months ago (the first day three months before rental day).

 Enlightenment panel is greatly divided into four genres. When list every genre clicks the following item, you can look at.


 For your job and human rights enlightenment at group, school, you can surely utilize.

 Please feel free to contact.
◎The borrowing procedure
Rental period  
 As a general rule, it is less than one week.
Flow of procedure
1) Reservation  
  At first, on rental, please confirm the space situation over telephone (096-333-2300 (human rights center direct) or prefectural office extension number 7419).  
  Reservation is possible from the beginning of the month three months ago.
  Please submit to application (word: 33 kilobytes) by Fax or email after filling out the requirements.
   Fax: 096-383-1206
  E-mail: [email protected]
3) Rental, return
 As a general rule, we would like visit to an office.

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Department of Environment and Residential Life Human Rights and Dowa Issue Division
Telephone: 096-333-2299
Fax: 096-383-1206
Email [email protected]
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