Vol.22 (R2.6 19 days a month issuance) where "Kumamoto de commits" employment reporting email of Kumamoto

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Kumamoto de acts



 Employment reporting email of Kumamoto

┃In ku ┃┃ ma ┃┃, ┃┃ and ┃┃ de ┃┃ are ┃┃ ta ┃┃ and others ┃┃ ku┃ 

 Vol. 22

 Decision urgently held on <Friday, June 26 "dual gosetsu"!>

 R2. June 19 issuance Kumamoto labor employment construction section



 General site about work, employment of Kumamoto
With renewal of "one stop job site Kumamoto,"
E-mail address of origin of delivery of this e-mail magazine was changed.


 ★  It is good news for job hunting raw all of you!  ★


 Decision urgently held on <Friday, June 26 "dual gosetsu"!>
 Under the influence of now new coronavirus infectious disease both sides of company and student
Conditions that cannot contact spread out, and many uneasy voices are sent by company and student.
 From this, with is the prefecture; on Friday, June 26
We urgently hold "Kumamoto blight company 2021 new college graduate dual Godo Kigyo briefing session".


 In addition to meeting-style company briefing session same as before as unprecedented approach,
On-line participation is possible, too, "venue participation" direct as for the students or
We can choose "online participation".


 For example, in outside the prefecture house ino students from home and university "online participation,"
In addition, that live in the prefecture, and wants to talk with the person in charge of company directly like "venue participation"
What can choose participation means corresponding to each environment for preference of students
It is characteristic of this "dual gosetsu".
 In addition, because it is necessary for evasion of "three are dense" to take new coronavirus infection preventive measures,
"Venue participation" limits to person planning new college graduate in 2021.


 For details, please see prefectural HP.

  [prefectural HP] https://www.pref.kumamoto.jp/kiji_33773.html
 Including child, tell students by all means.
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 * That "Kumamoto de acts" susume of prefecture employment?
  To realize local construction of this prefecture, the prefecture employment promotion of young fellow
 It is prefecture High School in approach information of the prefecture for return current promotion of outside the prefecture human resources
 We hope for reporting from the prefecture in student and the protector who graduated from this
 We introduce to done all of you at any time.

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