We conclude inclusion cooperation agreement with Dropbox Japan

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The governor and Representative Igarashi (after the signature)


We conclude inclusion cooperation agreement with Dropbox Japan

 On Friday, June 19, Kumamoto concluded "inclusion cooperation agreement about ICT rikatsuyo for community development" with Dropbox Japan.
 We make use of this agreement and, at first, work on duties efficiency in Industrial Recruitment and Location Division and cooperation reinforcement with Tokyo, Osaka Representative Office.
 In addition, the way of office changes, and way of working itself such as at-home work due to coronavirus is changing into co-working space now, too. Furthermore, there is change such as service industry and IT-related invitations increasing in the welcome enterprise.
 Therefore by utilizing "smart work space" that is place of collaboration using Dropbox, think that we may promote innovation through collaboration in area if we can build network with the prefecture IT-related company and coworking space. We make use of this cooperation and want to thereby examine approach to contribute to area including promotion of welcome enterprise and new industrial creation from various viewpoints. 

 Cooperation matter

 1. Matter about administrative new approach utilizing smart work space
 2. Innovation in area and examination of network construction technique
 3. Public information utilizing new approach and results, matter about disseminating information
 4. In addition, matter which both sides discuss, and admits that it is necessary

 The cooperation agreement conclusion type

 From the viewpoint of three secrets measures, we carried out all the agreement types on online.
   In the governor saying hello "social economy reaches the big change period while new coronavirus affects the world, and new approach is necessary for welcome enterprise. We further deepened communication with company simply because it was such time and stated, we think that it was perfect occasion that "turned adverse circumstances into chance".
 As a result, for "these several months, we realize in it being so possible online, and Dropbox Japan Representative Igarashi feels that it is very likely to be business in new viewpoint and spread. We scrummaged with Kumamoto this time, and it was stated, we feel happy that we promoted approach to turn adverse circumstances into chance together. 
    It is Dropbox Japan Representative Igarashi and Governor Kabashima after signature to agreement                Representative Igarashi and Governor Kabashima who talk pleasantly online




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