Automobile tax refund proxy style

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 Automobile tax refund proxy style

・We did erasion registration of automobile tax
・We paid automobile tax two folds
When return of automobile tax occurs by nadono reason, as a general rule, we are returned, but submission of automobile tax refund proxy is usually necessary for taxpayer when third party receives refund.
◎Please do submission (must arrive) by 7th in the next month of month when return cause produced erasion registration, double payment.

Automobile tax refund proxy style

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    (1) The whole
     You fill in the bold line frame without exception, and please seal. When there are defects such as omission of entry, entry error, it may return to taxpayer.
     Please submit after return cause such as principle, erasion registration occurred.
    (2) About mandator
     Mandator (taxpayer) is holder of a title deed as of April 1.
     Mandator (taxpayer), please affix a seal of registered seal.
    (3) Registration number
     In the case of Kumamoto 43-1592,
     Katakana, 1592 are the right filling, and 43, please fill in kana the left filling.
    (4) Mandatory
     "Address" column is kanji, and "full name name" column, please fill in furigana (katakana).
     "Furigana" (katakana) column would like dot mark of a voiced sound, p-sound in one character.
     When there is name including sole proprietor, please fill in name and Name of Representative (in registration of transfer account).
    (5) Transfer account
     Only account in the name of mandatory is transfer possibility.


2 attached documents
・Copying of seal registration certificate (in the case of corporation seal certificate) of mandator (taxpayer)
・Copying of public documents which can confirm move, change including resident's card, extract from a person's family register when address, family name, name of mandator is different from notation on the registration document
・When shortly after after the tax payment, (when paid within two weeks of proxy date of filing) is reproduction of receipt
[in the case of erasion registration]
・Copy of documents which can confirm erasion registration including office action such as registration identification information
[in the case of double payment]
・Copy of both receipts


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Fax: 096-368-2299
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