[urgently!] Precaution ... of consumers trouble warning No. 86 - Internet mail order (mail order)

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[urgently!] Consumers trouble warning No. 86  


Precaution ... of ... Internet mail order (mail order)


Consultation example                                     
●Product which we purchased does not arrive.
●Product which we purchased arrived… It is different that it was goods of poor quality and was imitation, and smell is hard, and hue looked on screen, and feel is bad.
●It was purchased regularly when we purchased with intention of one time of trial.


The Internet mail order is simple and is convenient, but we pick up the real thing and, unlike store, cannot confirm. It is defective to products, and in the first place troubles such as products not arriving happen.
Let's confirm the following dots by all means beforehand to prevent trouble as mail order does not include system of cooling-off.


[dot that consumers should confirm at the time of use of mail order]                               
●The purchase condition (we straighten first 100 yen four times of periodical purchase need), cancellation (the cancellation of a contract) regulations, return of goods (refund) condition, Terms of Use
●Information (the location and contact information, evaluation of other users) of company
●The days required for delivery method and delivery


Please call if in trouble.
■Kumamoto consumer service center consultation telephone 096-383-0999
(reception hours: from 9:00 a.m. on weekdays to 5:00 p.m.)
■The nearest police station or the police security consultation telephone (# 9110 (reception hours: for 24 hours))





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