Utilization that is active for prevention of infection spread! Contact confirmation application

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 Contact confirmation application was released from Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare on June 19, and user of iPhone and smartphone terminal of android became able to download individually.

 Contact confirmation application is application of smartphone which can be informed about possibility that we came into contact with infected person of new coronavirus infectious disease.

 This application uses proximity communication facility (Bluetooth) of smartphone assuming agreement of user. We do not acquire personal information and positional information such as phone numbers, and the system is such that we considered privacy to the maximum.

 When positive person of new coronavirus infectious disease inputs processing number notified by public health center into this application, user of application can receive notice about possibility that we came in contact or more with person of positive for less than 1 meter, 15 minutes for the past 14 days. When we are informed of application and we have symptoms such as suffocation, it becomes possible to receive support of public health center including consultation of inspection.

 (the details, please identify homepage We open with the other window(external link) of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.)
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 This application is expected that users increase, lead to prevention of infection spread.
 Citizens of the prefecture hope that they have you inflect positively by all means.


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