[July 6] Kumamoto antidisaster headquarter meeting (the fourth) pertaining to announcement of heavy rain special warning

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[July 6] Antidisaster headquarter meeting (the fourth) video





Instructions of general manager (the governor)

After outbreak of record heavy rain around this south area of the prefecture, the Self-Defense Forces and the police, firefighting, the Coast Guard, other related organizations have you make an effort for rescue operation hard. We sincerely offer my gratitude.


Life was got rid of newly today and is discovered. We wish to express our deepest sympathy to sacrificed person. In addition, we give to people met for damage.


In the prefecture, 5 teams which assume chief of the bureau grade chief dispatch 22 for five municipality including Hitoyoshi-shi and Kuma-mura to assist head of municipality and have already begun restoration duties.

In Kuma-mura where damage in particular was heavy, transportation of inhabitants to refuge facilities advances by cooperation with related organizations sequentially.

About "push type support" of water and food, it has already started by cooperation of the Self-Defense Forces.

We send about 3,000 meals, mask, in addition, to prevent water and blanket, diaper, infectious disease and will support rice or bread positively in future.


It is the third day from outbreak of damage and, on the early morning of tomorrow, invites "hatsuwazawaigo 72 hours" said that it is very important to lifesaving.

In all of each headquarters, please make every possible effort for recovery of infrastructure that, at first, rescue, electricity of isolated household communicate lifesaving to having top priority and commute.

In addition, we work on "minimization of pain" of people suffered from, and correspondence that last reading did needs of victim, please.


Here is crucial moment.

We cooperate, everyone, and will do our best.



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