[July 4] Kumamoto antidisaster headquarter meeting materials (the first) pertaining to announcement of heavy rain special warning

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Antidisaster headquarter meeting materials 

News from antidisaster headquarter

Emergency call for fire brigade and ambulance of the Hitoyoshi lower Kuma firefighting headquarters and the upper Kuma firefighting headquarters becomes hard to be common to July 4 by confused fight of phone line as of 10:00.
Citizens of the prefecture hope that they have you take "action to protect the body" and "appropriate evacuation action".

The first antidisaster headquarter's general manager instructions

・By heavy rain from last night, serious damage occurs around the south area of the prefecture.
・We requested the Self-Defense Forces for disaster relief operation today at 5:36 to cope with this record heavy rain quickly in the prefecture.
・For help request from each area, we are rescuing with the Self-Defense Forces and the police, firefighting with every effort now.
・In addition, we are going to perform urgent discharge of Ichifusa dam today from 8:30.
・We evacuate to citizens of the prefecture particularly all of the basins immediately and would appreciate your taking action to follow command.
・About this heavy rain damage, there was contact that we applied the Disaster Relief Act today at 7:30 from the government.
・It has top priority for life of citizen of the prefecture and, as the prefecture, will make every possible effort in cooperation with the basin municipalities and country, related organizations including the Meteorological Agency.
・Basics of crisis management take that it is "first action" into consideration, and all of the headquarters would appreciate your coping by maximum speed and power, too.

From the governor to citizens of the prefecture

・At 4:50 a.m., heavy rain special warning was announced today in the prefecture.
・In the prefecture, we establish antidisaster headquarter and are rescuing collection of damage information with every effort now in cooperation with related organizations such as the Self-Defense Forces and the police, firefighting.
・Water level of river rises, and there is overflowing area. On evacuation, you are careful safely, and please take action to follow command by oneself above all. ・In addition, according to the municipalities and the on-site police, instructions of firefighting, please act calmly.
・It is repeated, but is going to perform urgent discharge of Ichifusa dam today from 9:30. Action to evacuate to citizens of the prefecture particularly all of the basins immediately, and to follow command, please.
・The media members have you send weather information appropriately at good time and would appreciate your cooperation for ensuring safety of citizen of the prefecture.

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