We are careful about vicious invitation, commercial laws that took advantage of disaster!

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Please be careful in future as it is expected that vicious invitation and commercial law that took advantage of confusion of disaster stride.


Example of vicious invitation, commercial law that took advantage of disaster

Trouble about repair                           

・Unknown supplier visits house and performs invitation that is different from fact saying "we can repair without self-pay later because subsidy appears from administration".
・We fan anxiety saying "it is expected very much when we do not perform construction (repair) early".
・We press for contract, payment at the place and cut corners in repair of part that consumers do not notice.


Trouble about contribution (contribution)

・We visit house suddenly and seek money under the pretense of contribution (donation) to victim persistently and are not going to readily return even if we decline.



・We say "free of charge" "volunteer" and perform tidying up of house and request the large amount of price later.
・We say that we act for subsidy application and require money.


Correspondence advice to consumers                           

We do not decide promptly alone. Before contract and payment, let's consider with families enough.
"Feeling fear" contacts the police immediately at time when which "he/she does not return" "saw suspicious vehicle and person".
Because various information is sold, we confirm the truth in public institution.


If it is awkward that we feel anxiety when we thought that it is strange, please consult

■Kumamoto consumer service center consultation telephone 096-383-0999
(reception hours: from 9:00 a.m. on weekdays to 5:00 p.m.)
■The nearest police station or the police security consultation telephone (# 9110 (reception hours: for 24 hours))


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