[July 9] Kumamoto antidisaster headquarter meeting (the seventh) pertaining to announcement of heavy rain special warning

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[July 9] Antidisaster headquarter meeting (the seventh)

Instructions of general manager (the governor)

 Firstly we report that official name of this heavy rain was announced with "July, 2020 heavy rain".

 Well, seasonal rain front that brought this prefecture heavy rain disaster from July 4 continues being still delayed in the Japanese Islands and brings serious damage including Kumamoto in each places of the whole country.

 We wish to express our deepest sympathy to sacrificed people and tell all people met for damage about visit.

 In today, it was the sixth day from disaster occurrence.

 Rainy weather is still severe conditions spreading out, but would appreciate your making every possible effort for search of that help and support are looked forward to sequentially.

 In addition, needs of life support will become higher from now on with progress of time. Particularly, it is necessary to support damaged communities of the mountains such as Kuma-mura and Sakamoto, Yatsushiro-shi district chiefly.

 Yesterday, led by "damaged communities support team" which we set up, we will continue close support in water and food, medical care.

 We inspected Yatsushiro-shi, Ashikita-machi, the damaged spot of Tsunagi-machi yesterday and, about restoration of Takeda disaster prevention minister and head of municipality and lifesaving and infrastructure, the future house way, exchanged opinions.

 We support for restoration with every effort as the prefecture in request for cooperation and road of the staff dispatch that included request from the damaged municipalities, early stage of bridge and will go.

 It has top priority and, as first action correspondence, performs lifesaving, but wants to introduce result of the yesterday's activity now here.

 We were able to contact all isolated communities of the south area of the prefecture. As a result, isolation of 38 communities in total was dissolved newly by 17, yesterday.

 We sincerely thank strenuous help and restoration activity of all of the relations such as the Self-Defense Forces, the police, firefighting, the Coast Guard.

 Toward "minimization of pain" of various places suffered from, it follows, and support, please while all of each headquarters and relevant ministries and agencies and interested organization of country sharing problem each other, and cooperating.

 We cooperate with all of you and will do our best from now on. Thank you in advance.

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