[July 13] Temporary press conference (about outbreak of new coronavirus infected person pertaining to the support staff from other prefectures)

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[July 13] The governor temporariness press conference

 It became clear that the staff of Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa that supported this prefecture during periods from July 8 to 12th, and was dispatched infected new model coronavirus by polymerase chain reaction test that Takamatsu-shi carried out after dispatch.
   As for the infected person, it is confirmed from July 8 to 11th to have engaged in refuge administration duties in Hitoyoshi public health center jurisdiction.
   In Kumamoto, we perform active epidemiology survey including grasp by close contact surely and will try for prevention of infection spread.
   In the citizens of the prefecture, we have, at first, you act calmly, and, other than a cough etiquette and hand-washing that are the daily prevention, thorough practice of new lifestyle, please.



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The governor comment extract (for corona relations)

We sincerely give to people suffered from for damage of heavy rain in July, 2020 and have much support from other prefectures and are very grateful to made an effort for for revival.


In this disaster correspondence, we will worry victims while we make sure of preventive measures against infection based on expansion of new coronavirus infectious disease and feel that I am sorry.


It is in its 30s, and this person infected with is man, the Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa staff, and, from July 8 to 11th, it is confirmed to have engaged in refuge administration duties in Hitoyoshi public health center jurisdiction.


We start disinfectant work of refuge after having performed briefing today to the best junior high school in Hitoyoshi and refuge of former Taragi High School.


Including refuge, around 400 contact with possibility comes, but, about that polymerase chain reaction test is hoped for, they cope at any time and will carry out check of infection preventive measures against all refuges in addition.


We deliver notification of request of prevention of infection spread to all of the related organizations having you engage in stricken area support activity to all of you today.


When we have you engage in support activity in the stricken area to have top priority by relief, security of citizens of the prefecture, and to push forward future disaster correspondence smoothly as the prefecture, we have you confirm physical condition before activity and would appreciate your being thorough by basic infection preventive measures against wearing, hand-washing, gargles of mask.


As we try for is correct, disseminating information with quickness and will carry out about all measures that we can take, as for victim and the citizens of the prefecture, calm correspondence, please.

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