About dwelling house damage authorization investigation accompanied with July, 2020 heavy rain, affliction certificate

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With affliction certificate

About house where had damage by this heavy rain, the municipalities issue affliction certificate proving degree of damage in response to application from victim. About degree of damage, the municipalities judge by dwelling house damage authorization investigation.


About dwelling house damage authorization investigation

The staff (the support staff of other local governments may go together) of the house ino municipalities is 2-3 people and investigates.

Please photograph photorecording which state of damage understands

We investigate sequentially, but damage point and the state, please photograph photorecording that it is revealed by all means when we perform tidying up and repair before investigation as we may need time before we hear from investigation.

Please be careful about spoofings

When you let investigator in site of house as "spoofing" that talked about investigator is thought about, you confirm social position, and please be careful.
In addition, we may not demand rate on investigating.
※ Investigator puts to look at disaster prevention clothes or armband with the local government name.


Counter in charge of each municipality

You have you confirm homepage of each municipality, or please refer for implementation period and result of investigation, issuance of affliction certificate plan on the telephone. 
(at September 9)
The municipalities name of a village Belonging Telephone Homepage
The start date
Affliction certificate
The grant start date
Yatsushiro-shi Fixed Property Tax Division 0965-33-4108 http://www.city.yatsushiro.lg.jp/kiji00312879/index.html July 10 July 27
Hitoyoshi-shi Taxation Division 0966-22-2111  https://www.city.hitoyoshi.lg.jp/q/aview/1054/13905.html July 13 August 1
Arao-shi Taxation Division 0968-63-1346 https://www.city.arao.lg.jp/q/aview/303/1858.html July 13 July 30
Minamata-shi Taxation Division 0966-61-1620 https://www.city.minamata.lg.jp/kiji0031924/index.html July 14 July 22
Tamana-shi Taxation Division 0968-75-1114 https://www.city.tamana.lg.jp/q/aview/55/16758.html July 7 July 9
Yamaga-shi Disaster prevention Civil Engineering Administration Division 0968-43-1113 https://www.city.yamaga.kumamoto.jp/www/contents/1441083484064/index.html July 14 July 22
Kikuchi-shi Taxation Division 0968-25-7207 https://www.city.kikuchi.lg.jp/q/aview/256/22946.html July 17 July 22
Amakusa-shi Taxation section 0969-32-6050 https://www.city.amakusa.kumamoto.jp/kiji003574/index.html July 17 July 28
Nankan-machi General Administration Division 0968-57-8500 http://www.town.nankan.lg.jp/page1886.html July 10 July 28
Nagomi-machi Tax practice inhabitants section 0968-86-5723 https://www.town.nagomi.lg.jp/hpkiji/pub/detail.aspx?c_id=3&type=top&id=3073 July 9 July 17
Minamioguni-machi Taxation Division 0967-42-1113   July 7 July 20
Oguni-machi General Administration Division 0967-46-2111 https://www.town.kumamoto-oguni.lg.jp/q/aview/51/1446.html July 10 July 13
Ashikita-machi Taxation Division 0966-82-2511 http://www.ashikita-t.kumamoto-sgn.jp/www/contents/1594013608266/index.html July 13 July 28
Tsunagi-machi Inhabitants section 0966-78-3111 http://www.town.tsunagi.lg.jp/page2860.html?type=top July 12 July 17
Nishiki-machi General Administration Division 0966-38-1114 http://www.nishiki-machi.com/docs/2020071000011/ July 11 July 14
Taragi-machi Taxation Division 0966-42-1254 https://www.town.taragi.lg.jp/gyousei/juuyou/1973.html July 7 July 20
Yunomae-machi Taxation Division 0966-43-4111   July 13 July 20
Mizukami-mura Tax practice inhabitants section 0966-44-0316 https://www.vill.mizukami.lg.jp/q/aview/955/1684.html July 16 July 30
Sagara-mura Taxation Division 0966-35-1031 https://www.vill.sagara.lg.jp/q/aview/268/1082.html July 10 July 27
Itsuki-mura General Administration Division 0966-37-2211   July 10 July 20
Yamae-mura Taxation Division 0966-23-5692 https://www.vill.yamae.lg.jp/pagetop/emergency/1663.html July 10 July 20
Kuma-mura Taxation Division 0966-33-0277 https://www.kumamura.com/gyousei/2020/07/11214/ July 16 August 3
Asagiri-cho Taxation Division 0966-45-7212 https://www.town.asagiri.lg.jp/q/aview/952/14723.html July 5 July 11


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