About hygiene measures after damage in food business facility

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About hygiene measures after damage in food business facility

When you reopen business after food business facilities such as restaurant or food manufacturing industry suffer, and blackout, water outage, the inundation recovered, please note the following points. 


When it is lost power

 Temperature of refrigerator and freezer rises if it is lost power, and ingredients which we kept may ache.

 ◆ As we cannot guarantee safety even if there are refrigeration product required and frozen food that temperature has gone up in consumption (appreciation) time limits, let's discard.

 ◆ Ingredients without indication confirm corruption or strange loss in storage temperature and time limit, and we heat only good thing which is in a state, and let's use.


When it is flooded

 ◆ Let's discard all flooded ingredients, seasoning, sanitary protection (mask, paper towel, dishcloth).

 ◆ Let's discard wooden kitchen utensils having difficult washing, drying, sterilization.

 ◆ Let's do facility, cleaning, sterilization of facilities.

   Please refer to the next material if you clean and sterilize flooded facility.

   [reference materials]

      (1)To worked on cleaning (PDF: 85.6 kilobytes) We open with the other window

      (2)Cleaning and drying are important (PDF: 270.1 kilobytes) We open with the other window

      (3)Sterilization procedure (PDF: 548.5 kilobytes) of flooded house We open with the other window

      (3)-Sterilization procedure (PDF: 420.3 kilobytes) of house that 2 was flooded We open with the other window

 ◆ Let's do washing, sterilization of kitchen utensil.

   After having completely washed dirt, we perform sterilization that we always perform for the food poisoning prevention including sodium hypochlorite solution and boiling, and let's keep after the drying sanitarily. Sterilization method, please take upper reference materials (3), (3)-2 into account.


When it cuts off water supply

 ◆ Tap water, please reopen use according to instructions of water supply company. Sonant mark disappears and drains well until water temperature maintains the same, and taste or smell do not have abnormality, or let's confirm.

 ◆ When you use well water, please confirm the operation situation of cloudiness and sterilizer. As the quality of the water may change when well suffers, let's use after carrying out examination of water, and confirming safety.



 ◆ Flooded electric equipment will have supplier confirm whether there is not abnormality. When there are functions such as refrigeration or warming, let's use after being able to keep necessary temperature, or confirming.

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