[July 24] Kumamoto antidisaster headquarter meeting (the 20th) pertaining to July, 2020 heavy rain

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[July 24] Kumamoto anti-disaster measures plan headquarters meeting (the 20th) pertaining to July, 2020 heavy rain


Instructions from the governor to each measure department

We tell about four points from me.

The first point about caution to heavy rain.
From the early morning, intense rain falls today in various places throughout the prefecture.
All of the related organizations would appreciate your coping based on information from meteorological observatory without stopping paying attention about caution to heavy rain sequentially.
We come under an influence such as the ground melting by the past rain, and disaster might occur by fewer precipitations.
We ask you to act for support activity, restoration activity at stricken area while taking the necessary caution system in each measure department, and considering enough safely.


About agriculture and forestry fisheries-related damage that the second point is serious.
To date, amount of damage of agriculture and forestry fisheries relations that became clear amounts to about 53.6 billion yen.

It already exceeded amount of damage about 45.7 billion yen of Kumamoto wide area flooding harm eight years ago, and seriousness of this disaster became clear on number.
We will work on speedy restoration and the management rebuilding of damaged agriculture and forestry fisherman with every effort not to reduce will of management continuation of agriculture and forestry fisherman.


About power of state representation pertaining to restoration construction that we requested the third point.
It was shown that country acted for Route 219 and restoration construction such as land bridges which began to flow such as ten that the prefecture managed by Prime Minister Abe's decision the day before yesterday.
Realization of acceleration of construction for early restoration and burden on prefecture, municipalities reduction is planned and sincerely offers my gratitude for strong support.


The fourth point about new coronavirus confirmed infection in the prefecture.
In this prefecture, new infected person is confirmed for 4 consecutive days until yesterday and is the situation that domestic infection spread is spreading to to the prefecture.
In disaster correspondence, security, relief of citizens of the prefecture is the most important. Toward all concerned with activity at stricken area, we would like thorough basic preventive measures against infection and health care using check list some other time.


We will cooperate from now on and want to do our best together, everyone. Thank you in advance.



From the governor to citizens of the prefecture (ask with report)

Citizens of the prefecture from me have two reports and requests today.

At first, we visit the Prime Minister's office on July 22 and report result that we met with Prime Minister Abe.
From me, we strongly urgently requested about three points in particular from the request second.

At first, acting authority by country of damaged road and 10 bridges hanging over the Kuma River is bailout for budget preparation of group subsidy and refuge utilization of inn, hotel where we suffered from next.
, also known as "act for authority by country about road and bridge" from Prime Minister Abe immediately, also known as "gather package support of country again by next week", moreover, "took thought of the governor, and had work and words powerful at all well".
I refreshed determination that we worked on with every effort for speedy restoration, revival of stricken area in cooperation with related organizations including country, too.

It is "thanks for support from Japanese foundation" next.
From Japanese foundation, we had proposal of visit for this heavy rain disaster and various support for restoration of stricken area the day before yesterday.

We offer my gratitude for support named mint following Kumamoto earthquake some other time.
We have you provide cold wind machine and electric fan as heat stroke measures to various places needing consideration in particular including emergency restroom 500, elderly person and person with a disability to refuge or welfare facilities this time.

In addition, for activity of NPO and volunteer group, we have support on fund side.
For administration such as refuges, prevention of infection of coronavirus and coexistence of the heat stroke prevention are sought. In addition, labor shortage is big problem at stricken area.

To Japanese foundation, we want to thank very reassuring support to clear these two tasks.

Finally from me please.
Over tomorrow morning, intense rain is expected.
Have be careful about future information, and do not approach dangerous place including river, while is bright, evacuate to place safe early, and please take action to protect life.


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