[August 4] Kumamoto antidisaster headquarter meeting (the 24th) pertaining to July, 2020 heavy rain

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[August 4] Kumamoto anti-disaster measures plan headquarters meeting (the 24th) pertaining to July, 2020 heavy rain


        Instructions from the governor to each measure department

         From unprecedented heavy rain disaster after July 3, we reach one month in the present days. By this disaster, holy life of 65 people was lost. Once again, we pray soul may rest in peace to people who died.
         In addition, two missing people are still, and about 1,400 people are forced to life at refuge. We would like to express our heartfelt sympathy to victims.
         We will work on support for the life rebuilding including house security measures sequentially to send relief and smile to all of you as soon as possible.
      •  In the press conference after cabinet meeting, we hear that there were words, "we make every possible effort for restoration, revival of stricken area sequentially" from Takeda disaster prevention minister today. For words of minister, we feel very stouthearted.
         Furthermore, once again, for various support in past country including measures package for the rebuilding of the life rebuilding and occupation (occupation), we offer my gratitude.
      •  From today, we have you perform export support from households such as elderly people having difficulty in removal such as large disaster garbage mixed with the earth and sand by own strength by the Self-Defense Forces in Sakamotocho, Yatsushiro-shi. We expect that restoration of Sakamotocho, Yatsushiro-shi advances by Yatsushiro-shi and local constructor, cooperation with volunteer very much.
      •  We cooperate from cause, this of your cooperation and want to do our best together. Thank you in advance.


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