[August 4] The governor admonition in the 15th Kumamoto new model coronavirus infectious disease task force meeting

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[August 4] Infectious disease task force meeting (the 15th) governor admonition 



The governor admonition whole sentence

At first, infected person in Yamaga-shi admitted to infectious disease-designated medical institution in the prefecture yesterday passed away. We wish to express our deepest sympathy.

In the medical institution, we had you treat with every effort, but it turns out such and is anxious until now.


133 new infected people in total are confirmed yesterday last week in one week until August 3 from July 28, and, in this prefecture, infected people are increasing rapidly from 68 people in the previous week now.

About 70% of the whole is new infected person whom two clusters of the north of the prefecture are related to when we see and between July 20 when infection has begun to spread and August 3.

In addition, in addition to there being possibility of outside the prefecture origin in the source of infection of these two clusters, about 50% of example except cluster is example that outside the prefecture is of origin.

Furthermore, infection in night downtown including cluster generating in restaurant with reception increases.

It is in a situation that you should give a past response with a sense of crisis most inside.


Based on this situation, we discussed about risk level and future correspondence to Chairperson Harada of the prefecture, city combination seminar yesterday with Kumamoto-shi.

Although "maintenance of the inspection system and the medical offer system is pushed forward, from chairperson, these begin to cost load by rapid increase of new infected person." Thing.

In addition, "it is necessary to plan reduction of well-modulated contact opportunity to prevent infection rapid increase, and it is important to cope in part which is at increased risk of of infection spread including measures to attention of cluster measures and traffic with infection-infected area, restaurant with reception surely." We had opinion called this.

Based on this, we decide to raise risk level of this prefecture including Kumamoto-shi in "level 4 special warning" from today.


In addition, we carry out well-balanced measures that narrowed down focus to high-risk part.

Particularly, about restaurant with reception of Kumamoto-shi center, preventive measures against infection are thorough in cooperation with Kumamoto-shi or it will go around each store by the end of this week and decides to confirm.

After that, we decide to be closed, and to call for store where preventive measures against infection are not thorough when infection spread will continue in future.


Then, be suitable for people with slight illness and establish accommodation medical treatment facility.

About accommodation medical treatment to accept toward slight wound, no symptom, we start acceptance from tomorrow to make the medical offer system a more reliable one. At first, in one facility in Kumamoto-shi, we decide to accept people with slight illness from whole prefecture.

By this correspondence, we think that reduction of bed rate of operation becoming 33% is planned now.


Then, it is request to citizens of the prefecture. To citizens of the prefecture, we strongly call for thorough thermometry, mask wearing, hand-washing of "new lifestyle" such as avoiding basic infection preventive measures and 3 dense o some other time in the workplaces.

In addition, we call for the non-pivot non-sudden moving self-restraint across the prefectural border sequentially. Particularly, we reach time of tray from next week, but want to have you tell to think about hometown and family based on the situation that infection spread continues around metropolis for family living in outside the prefecture and relative, various places of friend, and to have homecoming to this prefecture wait.

Finally please we would like so that there are never person infected with and the family, unfair handling and harassment for workplace-affiliated various places, slander, slander until now.

Citizens of the prefecture have you recognize that you are in the critical situation of infection spread now and protect oneself and people in circumference, and action to protect society, and eventually,, please.









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