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With 1 "dream education support"

 In the prefecture, they aim at "education to become "go-between to dream" of children", and even high schools in the prefecture wrestle in business to promote various "dream education".

 When is contributed with a choice of "dream education support minute", can appoint high schools which want to support, in that case,

  • We are distributed into high schools where a half was appointed of the amount of contribution, and "dream education" such as each school is utilized in business to promote.
  • A half remainder is utilized in business to propel "dream education" of the prefectural whole.

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We can support children and old school of 2 Kumamoto

 We can support children and old school of Kumamoto by self-pay of 2,000 yen to be able to receive tax subtraction.

 In each high school, the article purchase and sports necessary for students can utilize support from graduates in various business such as culture-related events for new resources widely. 

High schools where are targeted for 3 support

  1. Special support school which sets up Kumamoto Prefectural high school and high department

  2. High school of school method crowding set up in Kumamoto and kabushikikaisharitsu

  3. Group which corresponds to all next by nonprofit foundation, public interest incorporated foundation, general incorporated association, general incorporated foundation and exception corporate judicial person and exception foundation
    Oh, group which carries out approach and support that we include will of entrance into a school of higher grade and employment of high school student in the prefecture and put up
    Group which has members residing outside i prefecture more than 100 people, and can anticipate contribution through the network

About registration of 4 support groups

 We are accepting application for registration from high schools in hope of support now.

 Group which registers, and was decided will choose high schools which contributed to "list of dream education cover support groups (prefectural high school, special support school (high part), private school, other groups)We open with the other window" (PDF: 125.9 kilobytes) in what are registered wants to support from that.

 [as for the thing about registration procedure this]

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