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It is ... with hometown tax (donation)

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With 1 hometown tax (donation)

 It is system that the local government that we wave a part of the personal residence tax paying its tax to the local government to live can pay in form called contribution now.
 (from April 30, 2008)


Burden that 2 is substantial is 2,000 yen

 Amount of money of part more than 2,000 yen is subtracted from income tax and residence tax in donations when we donate in (※) in constant limit.
 In other words, amount of money to bear substantially is 2,000 yen.

  (※) As for the exception deductions of residence tax, 20% of the amount of personal residence tax income percent is the upper limit. (about the details, please see the following "summaries of system".)

  • → Summary of systemPDF
  • ※We link to Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications "hometown tax portal site" We open with the other window(external link).
  • We can donate in 3 every year

     We can receive donation subtraction every year. Therefore, it continues and can support "oldness and Kumamoto" by utilizing this system.

     → Application for contribution is this!

    ▼Indication () that donation deductions simulation links to this We open with the other window(external link) (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications hometown tax portal site of the upper limit of the amount of contribution 



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