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☆It is income of Kumamoto, and earnings of public lottery released in *kumahonkennai are utilized for public works projects in the prefecture ☆*



If all five numbers are successful; about 10 million yen


 The amount of prize money lowers in comparison with "lot 6", but a feeling of hit becomes higher all the time. In addition, a lot of combination of numbers patterns can expect a more large amount of prize money in comparison with "numbers game" (one share of 200 yen).


 For example, we choose five favorite numbers from "1 to 31" including "birthday of family" and "lucky number of oneself" and challenge. How to decide money of election of each class is the same as "lot 6", but "Miniloto" does not have application of carry over.


  • Overlap election between each class is not accepted.
  • Election amount of money fluctuates by the amount of release and the election number of persons every time.
  • The upper limit of money of election per one share is 40 million yen.
  • When money of case and election that there is not lottery winner in class exceeds the upper limit, the amount is added to purse of other high-end classes with lottery winner.




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Department of General Affairs Finance Division
Telephone: 096-333-2082
Fax: 096-382-7815
Email [email protected]
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