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About use of premium of public lottery

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About 1 "public lottery" and use of premium

  • All of the companies can use as premium, present for sales promotion.
  • Billionaire is born from "public lottery" distributed as premium and becomes topic such as being taken up in media, and there is example bringing big effectiveness of advertising to companies.
  • Earnings of "public lottery" are made use of for public works projects of local government which is sales agency.


Merit of using "public lottery" to 2 premiums

  • There is big dream, and popularity is high, too, and topicality, effectiveness of advertising is high.
  • Particularly, we are introduced and can expect further improvement of topicality, effectiveness of advertising with newspaper, magazine when large amount election occurs.
  • We can expect improvement in image of company by using "public lottery" that earnings are used for public works projects.


The concrete use example as 3 premiums

  • Maker: Public lottery ten pieces present jumbo as five pieces of application seals of target product one share by application, lottery.
  • Mall, shopping mall: During campaign period, we present one piece of auxiliary ticket every shopping 1,000 yen in mall. 30 pieces of jumbo public lotteries are presented by lottery to customer who collects five pieces of auxiliary tickets, and participated in lot.
  • Bank, credit association: We use fixed deposits as present for person of deposit. We use as present for home loan borrowing user.
  • Retail businesses such as mall, supermarket: We use the "sale" "special year-end sale" "redecorated opening" as premium of special sale.
  • Apartment sale in lots, real estate agency: We use as apartment, real estate purchase contract person, present for model room visitors.
  • Maker, wholesale trade, cooperative: We use as premium by special promotion and sales campaign through business participation retail store, member's store.
  • Company which is doing chain development such as restaurant, minisuper service station: We use as present to visit customer.
  • Others: The master of company uses as present to employee as souvenirs such as anniversary, memory event. We use as premium in entertainment (trip, golf competition, various parties, year-end parties, New Year meetings) in district, office.


In use of 4 is careful

 When you use as premium of public lottery, you are related to laws and ordinances such as "identification card method with money of election" "Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations" "law about prohibition of private monopoly and maintenance of fair trade", and please note as there is various regulation.

  •  Prohibition of "resale of public lottery:" If advertising agency performs promotion plans such as use of premium, company using without advertising agency, please perform about the purchase of public lottery directly.
  • The use (grant) period: Please do grant of public lottery until the day before on lottery day of the public lottery. As I will hand public lottery that lottery result (hit, loser) becomes clear as premium when I issue after lottery day, please be careful.
  • The use area: About national lotteries such as jumbo public lotteries, there is no limit of the use area. You can decide the release area of block lottery, and please use lottery of type released in the area.
  • Usage: Public lottery restrains itself from sale from consideration in conventional wisdom, education to minor. Please refrain from usage passing to minor in the case of use of premium.
  • Advertising method: We give customer misunderstanding about contents of public lottery, and please refrain from advertising fanning speculative spirit.
  • Regulation by "Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations" (premium notation): Depending on contents of prize, there are various limits such as maximum amount of transaction price, premium, the total sum of premium. In addition, about specific type of industry, premium regulation according to type of industry of contents which are different from general premium regulation is appointed taking the facts of the industry into consideration by notification, and limit is established to premium provided in each industry. Please actually confirm about regulation contents pertaining to prize to carry out (e.g.,: newspaper business, magazine business, real estate broker, medical care pharmaceutical products business, publication retail business) to Consumer Affairs Agency.
  • "Tax practice processing:" As you may be taxed on side to issue by the way of grant, side to receive when you issue public lottery as premium, please talk with licensed tax accountant, tax office of Advisor your company beforehand.


Inquiry about use of premium of 5 public lotteries, the purchase

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