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  In Kumamoto, we devise "Kumamoto synthesis energy plan" indicating directionality of energy policy of this prefecture and promote energy-related measure.

Period of 1 plan

  Nine years [nine years for a short term medium-and-long term for four years] until the Heisei 24-32 (Christian era 2012-2020) year

"Pillar of policy" in 2 plan

  We promote energy policy along the following pillars.
  (1) Introduction acceleration of new energy
  (2) Promotion reinforcement of energy saving
  (3) Construction of the new energy supply and demand system
  (4) Energy-related industrial promotion

"The future image" that 3 plan aims at and "aim"

  (the future image)
   As sustainable society who should have this prefecture by construction, we say with "the future image" in the following.
   (1) Rich community improvement that we made use of energy in
   (2) Fixation of eco-life like Kumamoto
   (3) It is created becoming and the employment new leading industry
   (4) Maintenance of social infrastructure which is security/safety

     As "the first runner of future model energy," new energy aims at the energy-saving advanced prefecture,
    By introduction promotion of new energy and energy-saving approach reinforcement, can serve current domestic electricity consumption substantial amount
    We wrestle in citizen of the prefecture acting as a body.
     Specifically, with total introduction quantity of (1) new energy in the end of 2020 (Heisei 32),
   (2)The total of energy reduction substantial amount by energy saving,
   Crude oil conversion 1,000,000kL (for about 1.3 cups of park Dome Kumamoto) to become electricity consumption substantial amount of home section of 2009
   We aim at becoming in this.

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Department of Commerce, Industry, Tourism and Labour Energy Policy Division
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Email eneseisaku@pref.kumamoto.lg.jp
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