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We carried out mombasadatsua on - 9 Sunday on Saturday, March 8, 2014. It is trip of 2 days and 1 night around the highlight in Hitoyoshi-shi and Kumamoto-shi where the Doll's Festival is held.

On the first day, sightseeing in Hitoyoshi began while we had you participate in 15 people of mombasada, and blue sky spread through weather well!

At first, it is national treasure Aoi Aso-jinja Shrine that went.
Across red bridge spanning Hasuike, we pass through torii.
Five of main hall (honden), corridor (rou), heiden (heredity), front shrine (heredity), tower gate (roumon) of Aoi Aso-jinja Shrine were appointed in 2008 by national treasure.
Thatched roof of steep grade or sculpture, decoration over detail seem to be characteristics of main shrine.
He/she put everybody in camera well.

As time when "mechanism clock" in in front of Hitoyoshi Station begins to just move after having finished worship in Aoi Aso-jinja Shrine from Aoi Aso-jinja Shrine by car to Hitoyoshi Station for approximately one minute.
Departure type of new vehicle "rural district symphony" of Kumagawa Railway which linked Yunomae-machi to what Hitoyoshi-shi on that day was performed.
We arrived in objective mechanism clock approximately five minutes before we began to move.
This mechanism clock which was made in the image of Hitoyoshi Castle.
In story that lord of Hitoyoshi Castle performs castle preliminary inspection thing, it is developed folk song on music that arranged music of "six tones of Kuma".
When lord went out of every direction and entered, in dolls which put light music together for about three minutes, and moved, the nail was dated.
After having visited mechanism clock, to "bear punting."
It was the Kuma River counted among one of the Japan's three biggest fast flowing streams, but experienced short course pleasure boat for approximately 30 minutes this time.
It leaves share karetesaa in two ships!
We did experience to row the back of ship on the way.
Approximately 10 centimeters of pillars of tree which seem to be easy at a glance, but point is round in what support worth of ship, and are small.
If there is not technique, serious worth comes off immediately. It was had a hard fight everybody very much. Expertise of Sendo and others shines.
It was relaxed time to feel nature to be while forgetting daily life, and looking at wild bird such as heron and duck close.

After, as for the time, it being around noon, and having enjoyed bear punting soon; to "sunflower bower" of lunch place.
Sunflower bower was along the Kuma River and was able to see the appearance from ship.
The shop was full of many people.
We carry cheerful noiiobachantachigasessettooishisona cooking, and, in shop which overflowed in vigor, colorful dishes fill up table.
Photography is perfect every time, everybody.
As the Doll's Festival, we had young bird low dining table.
Many hina dolls are displayed in shop, too.

After having finished lunch at "sunflower bower", move by bus approximately 15 minutes, to Hitoyoshi craft park Ishino Park.
Here, we did painting experience of flower jewel box.
We add yellow, green, red to brand-new flower jewel box with sketch.
Expression that is everybody truth sword.
It is colored in each, and flower jewel box is completed.
As is expected, it is all of mombasada. A lot of people who sent information using portable SNS always came.
As for the making original flower jewel box only for oneself with sample mimicking put KUMAMON. It is everybody good handicraftsman.
It is free action after flower jewel box was completed.
In hall where the Doll's Festival exhibition was held, sanazamanahina dolls line up from old hina doll of Showa to modern thing which we put our ingenuity in.
Hina doll which this was glass, and was made.
This is hina doll of peanut.
It was only unusually pretty hina doll which we could not usually look at.

And we face next visit place, Fukano Miki.
From moment when we entered, there is fragrance peculiar to shochu.
Soil pot (dogame) is used all for process of the primary training of shochu made with Fukano Miki.
It seems to be thing used for more than one hundred years from this soil pot, last years of the Edo era.
We had you explain process that Kumashochu was done carefully using figure.

And is next everybody waiting; to sampling ground.
Various Kumashochu such as the dew (soup of glory) of shochu of Fukano Miki, Aya leaf (saiba) and homare forms a line.
There was present of small sake cup, too.

We felt love everybody and enjoyed sampling of liquor.
There was shochu of rare vegetables.
In this shochu, carrot, Japanese radish, Kuma vegetables 27 kinds from Hitoyoshi such as tomato are used for burdock.
It is characterized by vegetables original sweetness and sweet fragrance that we did slightly.

To "village of sweetfish" in Hitoyoshi-shi that is today's accommodation for the back slight intoxication that we enjoyed sampling.
Including break for approximately one hour, we advance to mombasada general meeting, discussion meeting.
Everybody had you report that it was worked each as mombasada at general meeting.
We spread Kumamoto and KUMAMON by SNS and blog, method of all of foreign countries each including PR utilized interchange and hobby with.
Emperor and empress dolls and hina doll sit down on dinner quietly. Everybody swelled with delicious dishes and liquor very much.
Place that we can sample is established underground, and many kinds of Kumashochu forms a line.
In addition, night concert was carried out in lobby on that day.
That he/she enjoyed concert relaxedly came after dinner entered hot spring in termination.
As is expected, in scene of request, all of mombasada, "Kumamoto surprise" were requested.

Such mombasadatsua first day.
In termination, we follow in no time on the next day.
It is the Kuma River where fog appears slightly in morning.
The mombasadatsua second day. Weather looks good and is very happy today.
We move in Kumamoto-shi and meet with KUMAMON in KUMAMON square first on the second day.
Person of mombasada encountered in KUMAMON for the first time came.
Today cheerful full KUMAMON.
He/she let you try the latest parfait on that day.
Finally, we take a ceremonial photograph with KUMAMON. It was upsurge of the mombasadatsua first.
We go to Kumamoto-jo Castle successively.
We had lunch in cherry blossoms cafe of Kumamoto Prefectural Museum of Art where Kumamoto-jo Castle looked like first.
Horse meat hamburger steak low dining table
Pitta bread which Horse meat hamburger steak entered

We observed state of making of "Higo inlay" that was traditional craft of Kumamoto with Kumamoto folkcraft building by arrangement of mombasada on the way.
Work to fit money and silver which form had stolen in cloth for iron is right the skill of craftsman. This "Higo inlay" that is traditional craft of Kumamoto.
You must hand down wonderful technique for a long time.

We appreciate dance by Kumamoto-jo Castle hospitality military commander corps in Kumamoto-jo Castle and take a picture with Kumamoto-jo Castle and Kumamoto lord of a castle Kiyomasa Kato.
Afterwards, we moved to Sakuranobaba Josaien and became dissolution.

It was two days when passion to Kumamoto and KUMAMON of all of mombasada was felt near.
Thank you, all of mombasada which had you participate. As mombasada, I would like attractive dispatch of Kumamoto from now on.

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