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Department of Civil Engineering Land Procurement Division 
TEL: 096-333-2488 
FAX: 096-387-4899 
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Land Procurement Division

1. Organization information
Land Procurement Division
The belonging name Phone number Fax number E-Mail address
Site group 333-2487 387-4899 [email protected]
Expropriation group 333-2488

2. Main business (desk work)

Site group
  Desk work about compensation accompanied with the acquisition of Department of Civil Engineering-related business site or use 
  We maintain standard about the acquisition of land necessary for business to take effect in Department of Civil Engineering or use and standard about compensation such as building or workpiece and teach each Regional Administrative Headquarters or each Regional Promotion Bureau. 

Expropriation group

Desk work about business authorizationWith new window 
  When it is public works project that the municipalities perform, and any acquisition such as land is difficult, the prefectural governor authorizes whether the business is business that there is utility truly based on regulations of the Compulsory Purchase of Land Act as business authorization agency. 
 Promoter of work (person performing the public works project) who received business authorization is given eminent domain.

Desk work about Expropriation CommitteeWith new window 
  When we cannot acquire options such as land about business that received business authorization based on regulations of the Compulsory Purchase of Land Act, promoter of work (person performing public works projects such as country, the prefecture, the municipalities) can perform decision application of expropriation (or we use). When there is this decision application, trial investigates fights such as area, indemnifiable loss of land which Expropriation Committee (comprised of seven committee members whom the governor appointed with the approval of prefectural assembly.) has expropriation (or we use) of in neutral position justly, and it is in thing that we judge (it gives a decision). We perform desk work about this Expropriation Committee. 

Desk work about law about promotion of expansion of public landWith new windowWith new window

  Constant report obligates about private land buying and selling to promote healthy development of city and orderly maintenance by law about promotion of expansion of public land and gives private buying and selling opportunity of purchase first in local public entity and decides to plan premeditated promotion of expansion of public land.
 Specifically, we inquire of related organizations about presence that you wish to buy for reports about private land buying and selling and perform that we notify of presence that you wish to buy and perform business formalities to belong to prefecture based on law about promotion of this public land (in this prefecture, the mayor goes by handover of power).

Desk work about decision based on the Land Law of unknown ownerWe open with the other window
 In the Land Law of unknown owner, we take measures to plan facilitation of the use of land of unknown increasing owner nationwide.
Specifically, there is not rightful claimant to object to, and the prefectural governor performs decision to set usufruct (upper limit ten years) about decision as exception of the Compulsory Purchase of Land Act about the expropriation or use and area public welfare increase business about owner ignorance land which, in fact, is not used where building (we remove small thing with simple structure.) cries.

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Department of Civil Engineering Land Procurement Division
Telephone: 096-333-2488
Fax: 096-387-4899
Email [email protected]
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