Under recruitment of owned by a prefecture place sale, loan information (e-mail magazine) subscribers!

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Department of General Affairs property management section 
TEL: 096-333-2090 
FAX: 096-384-3792 
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About Kumamoto property management section e-mail magazine, "owned by a prefecture asset utilization news"

  • In Kumamoto, we deliver "Kumamoto property management section e-mail magazine, owned by a prefecture asset utilization news" to send information about sale and advance of owned by a prefecture place to.
  • It is timely and sends the purchase application information by auction information and first-come-first-served basis of owned by a prefecture place sale. In addition, on delivery day, it is irregular.
  • E-mail magazine delivers with text format and does not attach files. But person of the use, please be careful with cell-phone as link is normal Internet site.
  • As registration fee is free (another as for the Internet communication fee), apply casually.

About registration, registration contents change, delivery stop

  • If it is person having e-mail address, anyone can register. But we do not cope with cell-phone or PHS call with limit to the number of the reception letters.
  • Change of registration contents, delivery stop are possible anytime. We write "e-mail magazine registration contents change" in title, and person whom registration contents are changed to, please contact Kumamoto property management section [email protected]. In addition, please fill in old e-mail address on the main body by all means on this occasion. In addition, person that delivery stop is hoped for, please contact so Kumamoto property management section [email protected] after entry.
  • After the registration application, I send email of registration confirmation within one week. It is great trouble, but please contact Kumamoto property management section (096-333-2088) even if you pass from application more than one week when registration confirmation email still less arrives.
  • When we cannot deliver, e-mail magazine, please note that we may cancel registration two times of continuations.

About the handling of personal information

  • We do not use personal information such as e-mail addresses that had you fill out at the time of application other than the delivery of our e-mail magazine.

Other notice matters

  • We do not retransmit e-mail magazine.
  • We do not accept opinion, request by reply to e-mail magazine. About aware point and inquiry, to reference (Kumamoto property management section) described in the end, please.
  • We accept the above, and person that subscription of e-mail magazine is hoped for, please send email of the sky to [email protected] after "request for e-mail magazine" and specification in title of email.

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Department of General Affairs property management section
Telephone: 096-333-2090
Fax: 096-384-3792
Email [email protected]
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