About findings about 2013 citizen of the prefecture total happiness quantity (AKH)

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 We gathered report of investigation about quantity of citizen of the prefecture total happiness who carried out in 2013 (AKH).
[general index constitution of = ": Aggregate Kumamoto Happiness) citizen of the prefecture total happiness quantity (AKH" to measure quantity of citizen of the prefecture happiness]
<< purpose, contents of investigation >>
◆ In 2013, we perform data collection necessary for calculation of AKH by investigation into contents same as 2012 and carry out investigation for the purpose of performing comparison analyses with last year.
  So that it will be possible for comparison analysis attributes such as local distinction or age hierarchy distinction separately in future; is zo to 3,500 from 3,000 in eligible people.
◆ Object: 3,500 men and women (random sampling) living in the prefecture 20 years or older
◆ Period From May 27, 2013 to June 10
◆ The number of the collections: 1,771 (percentage of debt collection: 50.6%)
◆ The number of the questions: 15 questions in total

<< summary, future inflection of investigation >>
◆ About intuitive well-being, proportion of citizen of the prefecture feeling, "we are happy" rises 1.1 points in 74.5% from last year in 2013.
◆ By change of AKH, in 2013, it is roughly flat in 68.4 with last year.
◆ At weight, "there is not anxiety D in the future" from last year saying "A has dream", but rise.
  At satisfaction, only "A has dream" decreases, and others remain at the same level.
◆ Tendency that satisfaction is high by comparison according to area in the north area of the prefecture, and is low in the south area of the prefecture.
◆ By AKH, we can grasp form of a variety of happiness of citizen of the prefecture.
  It is utilization for planning of policy to accumulate data in administrative side, and to lead to more increase of happy quantity.
  Citizen of the prefecture "notices" that there are a variety of forms happily and is connected for independent action raising own happiness.
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