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About entry methods such as certificates necessary for payment of hot spring medical expenses application

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Department of Environment and Residential Life Minamata Disease Health Care Affairs Division 
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I would like cooperation to Minamata disease synthesis measures medical care business (medical notebook, Minamata disease victim notebook) to all of the use of hot spring facilities.

 We carry out Minamata disease synthesis measures medical care business to reduce health problem of Minamata disease victims in Kumamoto. Target person is person having medical notebook or Minamata disease victim notebook, and public money can bear bathing charges when hot spring was used to monthly basis 7,500 yen in conjunction with insurance acupuncture, moxacautery treatment out of the application.
 As issuance of receipt of hot spring bathing charges or proof in predetermined style (acupuncture, sudden surgical operation, hot spring medical expenses supply application) may be demanded for use of hot spring facility, object would appreciate your cooperation.
 In addition, use of target hot spring facility is facility receiving permission of the governor by Hot Spring Law Article 15.

Points to keep in mind such as proof

○When receipt is issued, hot spring is used when, and who hopes that it is proved so that it is revealed how much it was born. (please refer to the following entry example)
○Hot spring medical expenses that public money can bear are only bathing charges of the person. Accommodation charges, room charge, towel charges are not included.
○As it is necessary to have you prove amount of money per once on day taken a bath, in the case of use of coupon, please be careful not coupon date of purchase.
○We would like proof after reference in entry example.

Entry examples

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Department of Environment and Residential Life Minamata Disease Health Care Affairs Division
Telephone: 096-333-2284
Fax: 096-382-3296
Email [email protected]
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