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Kumamoto bulletin (for June, 2003)

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Department of General Affairs Prefectural Information and Archives Division 
TEL: 096-333-2061 
FAX: 096-384-6552 
Email [email protected]
June 30, 2003 No. 11000PDF 1(1)(0.3MB) PDF 2(2)(0.6MB) PDF 3(3)(0.5MB)
 PDF 4 (4-10) (0.6MB) PDF 5 (11-13) (0.2MB)
June 27, 2003 No. 10999PDF 1(1)(0.3MB) PDF 2(2)(0.4MB) PDF 3(3)(0.4MB)
 PDF 4(4)(0.3MB) PDF 5(5)(0.4MB) PDF 6(6)(0.5MB) PDF 7(7)(0.4MB) PDF 8(8)(0.3MB)
 PDF 9(9)(0.1MB) PDF 10(10)(0.5MB) PDF 11(11)(0.3MB) PDF 12 (12-13) (0.4MB)
 PDF 13 (14-15) (0.4MB) PDF 14(16)(0.4MB) PDF 15 (17-18) (0.2MB)
June 25, 2003 No. 10998PDF 1(1)(0.3MB) PDF 2(2)(0.5MB) PDF 3(3)(0.4MB)
 PDF 4(4)(0.4MB) PDF 5(5)(0.4MB) PDF 6(6)(0.4MB) PDF 7(7)(0.4MB) PDF 8(8)(0.4MB)
 PDF 9(9)(0.4MB) PDF 10(10)(0.4MB) PDF 11(11)(0.4MB) PDF 12(12)(0.5MB)
 PDF 13 (13-14) (0.4MB)
June 23, 2003 No. 10997PDF 1(1)(0.2MB) PDF 2(2)(0.4MB)
June 20, 2003 No. 10996PDF 1(1)(0.3MB) PDF 2(2)(0.4MB) PDF 3(3)(0.4MB)
 PDF 4(4)(0.5MB) PDF 5(5)(0.4MB) PDF 6(6)(0.5MB) PDF 7(7)(0.4MB) PDF 8(8)(0.4MB)
 PDF 9(9)(0.4MB) PDF 10 (10-12) (0.4MB)
June 18, 2003 No. 10995PDF 1(1)(0.3MB) PDF 2(2)(0.5MB) PDF 3(3)(0.4MB)
 PDF 4(4)(0.3MB) PDF 5(5)(0.3MB) PDF 6(6)(0.4MB) PDF 7(7)(0.4MB) PDF 8(8)(0.4MB)
 PDF 9(9)(0.4MB) PDF 10 (10-12) (0.6MB)
June 16, 2003 No. 10994PDF 1 (1-3) (0.4MB) PDF 2(4)(0.3MB) PDF 3(5)(0.4MB)
 PDF 4(6)(0.4MB) PDF 5(7)(0.4MB) PDF 6(8)(0.4MB) PDF 7(9)(0.4MB) PDF 8 (10-12) (0.6MB)
June 13, 2003 No. 10993PDF 1(1)(0.3MB) PDF 2(2)(0.4MB) PDF 3(3)(0.4MB)
 PDF 4(4)(0.4MB) PDF 5(5)(0.5MB) PDF 6(6)(0.4MB) PDF 7(7)(0.4MB) PDF 8 (8-16) (0.5MB)
June 13, 2003 list No. 5PDF 1(1)(0.4MB) PDF 2(2)(0.4MB) PDF 3(3)(0.5MB)
 PDF 4(4)(0.4MB) PDF 5(5)(0.4MB) PDF 6 (6-8) (0.5MB)
June 12, 2003 extra No. 26 2PDF 1(1)(0.4MB) PDF 2(2)(0.3MB) PDF 3 (3-12) (0.3MB)
June 11, 2003 No. 10992PDF 1(1)(0.3MB) PDF 2(2)(0.4MB) PDF 3(3)(0.4MB)
 PDF 4(4)(0.3MB) PDF 5 (5-6) (0.3MB) PDF 6(7)(0.4MB) PDF 7(8)(0.4MB) PDF 8(9)(0.3MB)
 PDF 9(10)(0.3MB) PDF 10(11)(0.4MB) PDF 11(12)(0.5MB) PDF 12(13)(0.4MB)
 PDF 13(14)(0.4MB) PDF 14(15)(0.3MB)
June 09, 2003 No. 10991PDF 1(1)(0.3MB) PDF 2(2)(0.3MB) PDF 3(3)(0.5MB)
 PDF 4(4)(0.4MB) PDF 5(5)(0.4MB) PDF 6(6)(0.6MB) PDF 7(7)(0.5MB) PDF 8(8)(0.4MB)
 PDF 9(9)(0.3MB) PDF 10(10)(0.3MB) PDF 11(11)(0.2MB) PDF 12(12)(0.2MB)
 PDF 13(13)(0.4MB) PDF 14(14)(0.5MB) PDF 15 (15-16) (0.5MB)
June 06, 2003 No. 10990PDF 1 (1-2) (0.5MB) PDF 2 (3-4) (0.3MB) PDF 3(5)(0.4MB)
 PDF 4(6)(0.4MB) PDF 5(7)(0.4MB) PDF 6(8)(0.4MB) PDF 7(9)(0.3MB) PDF 8(10)(0.3MB)
 PDF 9(11)(0.4MB) PDF 10(12)(0.4MB) PDF 11(13)(0.4MB) PDF 12(14)(0.4MB)
 PDF 13(15)(0.5MB) PDF 14(16)(0.5MB)
June 04, 2003 No. 10989PDF 1(1)(0.3MB) PDF 2(2)(0.4MB) PDF 3(3)(0.4MB)
 PDF 4(4)(0.4MB) PDF 5 (5-6) (0.4MB)
PDF June 02, 2003 No. 10988 1 (1-2) (0.5MB)
PDF June 01, 2003 extra No. 26 1(1) (0.1MB)

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Department of General Affairs Prefectural Information and Archives Division
Telephone: 096-333-2061
Fax: 096-384-6552
Email [email protected]
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