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Guidance of information plaza

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Department of General Affairs Prefectural Information and Archives Division 
TEL: 096-333-2061 
FAX: 096-384-6552 
Email [email protected]

 In information plaza, we accept various administrative provision of informations and request for disclosure of administrative document.
 Arranged various materials can read anyone freely.

 [usage guidance] establishment time from Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
 The first floor of the place prefectural office administration ridge Main Building
 Phone number 096-333-2069 (direct), 096-383-1111 (extension 3215.3216)

Administrative material corner

1 reading, paid copy service

  We have various administrative materials. We perform service of copy for a fee. (monochrome copy 10 yen/, color copy 30 yen/.)

(1)Information of the prefecture………… Overall prefectural government (the Public Safety Commission, administrative material pertaining to Chief Constable are excluded.) such as condition of a prefecture handbook, prefectural comprehensive plan, industry, education, culture, the welfare, environment
(2)Information of country………… Statistical data, white paper of country
(3)Information of the municipalities…… The municipalities handbook, the municipalities plan, sightseeing, history
(4)Press release material…… We file material which the prefecture announced until now.

  You can see list of administrative materials in <information plaza (list).>

      ○ Thing which period to arrange has a short does not publish flyer or offer guidance. Please confirm over window or telephone directly.

                •     ○ It is plan of bookshelf corresponding to sign (place sign) of place to arrange of information plaza information list to arrange.

    ○ We put seal of place sign on local bookshelf.

Charged distribution of 2 administration materials

  We sell some administrative materials for payment. Come over to window of information plaza or is available by mail.
  When you want, please refer to information plaza by mail beforehand. In addition, please send next 1-3.

  The price for 1 material (please send without overs and shorts with money sent by registered mail or postal order.)

  2 postage (please send without overs and shorts with stamp. As the postage plurally changes when you want, please refer beforehand.)

  Memo which listed 3 destination addresses, full name, phone number, material name you want

  Administrative materials selling are as follows now.


  ○ There is two kinds of file format of Portable Document Format and Excel format, but contents are the same.


File film image
We prepare videotape about policies of the prefecture. You can look at in information plaza by hope.

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Department of General Affairs Prefectural Information and Archives Division
Telephone: 096-333-2061
Fax: 096-384-6552
Email [email protected]
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